The Busby Babes will always be in our hearts

Wednesday 31 January 2024 09:00

Sixty-six years on from the tragic, shocking events of 6 February 1958, the Munich Air Disaster remains the central day in Manchester United’s history.

As we prepare to mark the anniversary next Tuesday, the short video below helps reminds us of the players we lost.

Manchester United has achieved countless magnificent things in the decades since 23 people lost their lives in the crash, including eight players and three members of staff. The list of accomplishments is extensive. But whatever glorious feats are delivered on the field, Munich is always there, at the core of this club’s story.

Memories from parents and grandparents have been passed down for generation after generation, so that many of us feel our own kind of closeness to the Babes’ legacy – even if it is merely a byproduct of our love for those who told us the stories.

Forever remembered Video

Forever remembered

On the 66th anniversary, we take a glimpse at the lives of the players tragically killed in the Munich Air Disaster...

But as first-hand memories slowly and sadly start to leave our world, those shared stories become more precious than ever. As do periods like this one, when we celebrate and commemorate one of the greatest football teams that ever played the game.

It’s our job to ensure they are never forgotten. But thanks to what they achieved, and their luminescent brilliance, our job is an easy one.

The more you learn about the Busby Babes, the more astounding they seem. That is, quite rightly, a massive point of pride for United fans of all ages. Their story is joyful and painful in equal measure, but it has made Manchester United what it is today. And we will never let that slip from our hearts.