Inside of Man Utd museum exhibition.

United Museum showcases Old Trafford exhibition

Monday 24 February 2020 14:30

A new exhibition which showcases the history of Old Trafford has been opened at Manchester United’s official museum.

The exhibition was launched last Wednesday and charts our stadium’s 110-year history, from the first game in 1910 and being bombed during World World II, to the modern-day version which is the largest club venue in British football.

The display’s curator, Maggie Amankowicz, said she was ‘very proud’ during the official opening on Wednesday, which was attended by a number of guests, including former players such as Denis Law.
“We’ve got hold of quite a few new pieces of memorabilia relating to Old Trafford and we felt it was the right time to showcase them, which coincided with the 110-year anniversary of Old Trafford opening,” Maggie told club media.

“We felt now was the best moment to do it and share with the public all the stuff we’ve got. What I really wanted to stress is how the ground has changed. Since 1910 it has gone through so many redevelopments.”

Maggie has gathered a number of never-before-seen artefacts for the new display and one in particular stands out for her.

“One of my favourites is definitely the shrapnel we found, which was dropped by the Luftwaffe in 1940,” Maggie said.
“After a second bombing we had to go to Manchester City and ask them for help, and we rented their ground for eight years. When we came back to Old Trafford in 1949 it wasn’t quite as pristine until 1966, when we hosted some World Cup matches.

“During that time between 1941, when you had a derelict Old Trafford, to 1966 and the World Cup, I think it was just a fantastic moment in Old Trafford’s history and how the club managed to turn it around again.

“There aren’t many clubs that can boast about being here for 110 years,” she added. “That’s amazing from a historian’s point of view that we celebrate and cherish this heritage. I’m very pleased and proud about this display.”
Watch the interview with Maggie.
One of the many interested attendees during Wednesday’s opening was Head of Catering & Events Delivery, Steve Cooper, and he feels the new exhibition brings Old Trafford’s 110-year history to life.

“There have been so many brilliant things that have happened here over the years and to be able to capture them in one space is just fabulous,” he said.

“It’s been interesting to see the ground morph into what it is today. Now we’ve got the new disabled-access facilities which have gone in and they’re fabulous – including for away fans.

“It’s another brilliant upgrade. We’ve got six more hospitality restaurants that will be refurbished over the summer which helps us deliver world-class service for such a different breadth of supporters. It’s fantastic.”

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