United fans waving flags at Wembley.

'A timely reminder of how incredible our fans can be'

Our start to the 2018/19 season has been challenging but it is nothing that Manchester United has not seen or overcome before.

The past few weeks have underlined how dedicated our supporters are to the cause and that has been highlighted by one particular programme on MUTV, as producer Steve Muncaster explains...

“One thing I've learnt over the years is that people like to complain. For example, in general, you're far more likely to take time out of your schedule to write a bad review than you are to praise an individual or a company for great service. 

“This sentiment can also be applied to The Paddy Crerand Show on MUTV.

'Jose and the fans made my day'Video

“After a loss and, in particular, a poor performance, it is often hard to keep up with the audience interaction. The calls flood in, emails in their hundreds find their way to the MUTV inbox and Twitter goes nuts with mentions. It can be a tough hour of television to produce, due to a constant battering from the fans of the club I love.

“On the contrary, when we win at the weekend and when things are going well, it's often quiet on the phone lines and only a handful of emails will be sent in. That’s just the nature of football and, as a regular producer of the The Paddy Crerand Showit can be an equally difficult hour for very different reasons.”

“Just when I started to think you can't win with this show, in light of consecutive Premier League defeats, the past two weeks have served as a timely reminder of how incredible our fans can be. 

“There was a unanimous coming together and show of support following the Tottenham Hotspur loss late last month, when many supporters were inspired by the performance of the team and Jose Mourinho during his post-match media commitments. That sentiment was maintained throughout our last episode on Monday night, when fans were rightly encouraged by the 2-0 win at Burnley.

'Keep showing that passion, Jose'Video

“It's been fantastic to see the fans pulling together in support of the club and especially when it has felt like the world has been against us. In my opinion, this is exactly what United fans do best. 

“The unity and passion of our fans from around the world is unbelievable and long may it continue.”

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