Tahith Chong

Tahith Chong: The United togetherness is inspiring

Monday 13 April 2020 08:30

One of the latest success stories to emerge from the famed Manchester United Academy, Tahith Chong has made some impressive progress during 2019/20.

After making his first-team debut in January 2019 during a 2-0 win over Reading in the Emirates FA Cup, the left-footed winger has surpassed double figures for appearances this term. Last month, he signed a new contract that will keep him at Old Trafford until 2022.
In the latest interview for our 'My Inspiration' series, the 20-year-old tells us all about the players and people that have influenced him along the way...
What inspired you to first play football?
“I think it was the World Cup 2006, France v Italy in the final. I think the tournament was of the one first times I watched football at the time, so after the tournament, I just wanted to start playing football really.”
My Inspiration: Tahith Chong Video

My Inspiration: Tahith Chong

Our emerging Dutch winger Tahith Chong reveals what makes him tick...

Who inspired you the most growing up?
“I think there are a few names in there. I'd probably have either Ronaldinho or Ryan Giggs. Messi, Ronaldo [as well]. I'd probably say Arjen Robben as well.”
Was there any particular player you modelled parts of your game on?
“That's a tough question. I don't think there's any player I tried to model myself on. I think you look at players and you see them do stuff and you try to copy that in a way, but I'd probably say Ryan Giggs is one of them. Or Arjen Robben is one of them as well.”
Before you go out on the pitch, is there something you think about to help you focus?
“Not particularly. I just try to listen to music, and try to relax and focus and [you try to] get into your game mode really.”
Who do you most look forward to sharing your successes with?
“I think my parents, really. They sacrificed a lot for me to be in this position now, and they're still by my side, so I think my parents.”
What words or phrases best describe you as a player?
“A direct winger, always looking to beat his man, really. That would probably describe me the best, I think.”
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What is the most inspiring thing about Manchester United?
“Most inspiring? I think there's a lot. I think, for me, coming to the club at 16, it was just how everyone was. It's the togetherness of United. When I first came, just seeing that United is one big family. And it genuinely is. For me to see that was just amazing at 16.”
What is the one piece of advice you would pass on to any aspiring young footballer?
“I think you just come back to the same thing. A lot of people say it but it's actually true, which is to keep working hard. Every single day is just a new day to work hard and to keep improving yourself as a young player. I think that's the most important thing when you're young – just try to develop and improve every single day, and you do that by working hard.”

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