Eric Cantona, Sir Alex Ferguson and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Ole recalls best moments on his anniversary

Saturday 19 December 2020 08:00

The time has flown by, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has celebrated his anniversary as Manchester United boss by assessing his two years in charge.

Taking a rare moment to catch breath, the day after the 3-2 win at Sheffield United and in advance of Sunday's next Premier League assignment with Leeds United, the Reds manager allowed himself a brief pause for reflection, when talking with MUTV's Stewart Gardner at the Aon Training Complex.

He describes the rollercoaster ride as an "adventure" and is convinced Manchester United's qualities are evident in the team, supported by coming from behind to win every away league match this season. Furthermore, he reveals his best moment from the past 24 months - even if there is the belief that better is still to come - the fondest memory of the fans' support and a selection of his side's goals to rank as his personal favourites.

Which goals does Ole most cherish? Video

Which goals does Ole most cherish?

On the anniversary of his appointment, find out the moments the boss feels have been the best in the two years...

"It’s gone very quickly but, then again, some might say it looks like it’s been a few more years than it has!" laughed the boss. "It’s been an adventure and I really enjoy it. You don’t really get time to think about it, which is why it feels like it’s gone so quickly.

“There’s a game, and then, a few days after, there’s another game. If you do well, you’ve always got to do the next one better. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to raise the standards and we’re just gradually getting better and better."

We asked Ole whether he feels the old-school qualities associated with the club like the famous comebacks and never-say-die attitude were things that he had managed to instil upon his return.

“I hope so,” he replied. “I hope the players buy into my values. I know they are, because the ones who don’t , they’re not going to last that long. We have players now with better character, I feel, better resilience and robustness.

“We cannot give in. It’s happened so many times for us that we have to make comebacks, great comebacks like the Southampton one, for example, which was a fantastic way of winning the game at the end. That attitude is something I look for in a player, yeah.”

Watch the first goal of the Ole era - a Marcus Rashford free-kick.

So, when it comes to reflecting on the two years in charge, which moment sticks out for our Treble hero? 

“Probably the PSG away game,” he said. “The way we fought back and, last minute, Marcus scores the penalty and the dressing-room after, with Sir Alex [Ferguson] and Eric [Cantona], that’s a moment I’ll always remember. Then again, we lost in the next round, so it doesn’t really matter. The best moment will be when we lift a trophy.”

And the best vocal backing from the supporters, who remain dearly missed at all of our matches?

“The two wins against Man City last season in the league, of course,” he answered. “Away, at the Etihad, my two sons were there. They absolutely loved it. Our fans were unbelievable, but then, the last minute, the 2-0 goal for Scott [McTominay], the last time we had fans in our stadium. I think probably that is the most I’ve felt that the crowd enjoyed what we were doing.”

Relive the drama of Marcus Rashford's penalty against Paris Saint-Germain.

Which three goals, then, would Ole pick out as the best his team have scored, since he took charge in 2018?

“That’s not easy,” he said. “There’s been so many. Marcus [Rashford]'s first goal against Cardiff, a free-kick in the first three or four minutes, is like a fantastic start for me and the staff coming in. One of the last goals we’ve scored, as I’ve just mentioned, at Southampton. Marcus’s penalty against PSG, of course. Marcus is involved in quite a few of these, to be honest!

Jesse Lingard's goal at Arsenal is one of the manager's favourites.

"The counter-attacking goal against Brighton [by Bruno Fernandes], fantastic. The counter-attacking goal against Arsenal in the cup, when Jesse [Lingard] scored. That’s maybe one of my favourite ones, because we showed the boys how many times we’ve done that to Arsenal. It’s in our genes those counter-attacking goals, and I love seeing them, I have to say.

“Against Sheffield United [on Thursday], we had the great turn by Paul [Pogba] and the quick exchange of passes, one and two-touch, it’s in the net. I’ve got to say there’s been so many moments, but I hope there’ll be better moments too."