Solskjaer: Health Service are the real heroes

Wednesday 01 April 2020 19:00

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has paid tribute to the NHS and health services across the globe, as he appreciates everybody is being forced to adapt to the current situation.

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing populations throughout the world into lockdown in order to limit the spread, sport has obviously been forced to stop.

Although football, in particular, is an important part of so many people's lives, the manager accepts all the focus at the moment should be on saluting the selfless staff who are fighting the virus from the front line, in hospitals and clinics.

United Hangout: Ole’s tribute to heroic workers Video

United Hangout: Ole’s tribute to heroic workers

“Sometimes we are the heroes but, at the moment, the Health Service workers are the real heroes,” says the boss…

"I think it’s important we as footballers and we working as role models, have got a difference to make and we can do that just by sending out messages on social media and stuff," says Ole in our latest United Hangout. “Our players have been really good. They’re good lads and I trust them. They’re naturally fit anyway and want to improve. The training side is fine, you find they're good people and you try to encourage, as we’ve all got to adjust.

“We all know, sometimes, we’re the heroes but, at the moment, we can be the back-up support. The NHS and the Health Service, they are the real heroes now.

“It’s the same for me in Norway, watching what is happening there. I think we all realise how much [is being done] and I don’t think we should save money on health. Health is a critical thing. Sorry for the political message, it just got me involved there!"

The United players are dealing with the unprecedented situation in their own way as we await information on when the action can resume.

“Some of our players have families abroad and some of them were able to go back home to be with them,” explains Solskjaer. “I don’t know when we are going to get back into football and we’ve got to set dates for when we are going to report but, of course, we’re updated all the time with the government and the authorities. Hopefully, our fans will know they want to come back into football in a good frame of mind but the players need some time back home now.”

When asked if it was disappointing that the pause came when United were firing on all cylinders, the boss was philosophical about the predicament.

“I can call it a shame but it’s just life now,” he said. “We’ve all got to adjust and I think everyone knows what is more important than anything now is people’s lives. When football is part of our life and, when football is back, we know normality has come back. I am sure the fans are eager to come back but they also have a part to play. Let’s make sure we get through this together.”

United Hangout: Solskjaer's exclusive update Video

United Hangout: Solskjaer's exclusive update

In a special United Hangout, Ole discusses his contact with the players, their training & the box sets he's streaming...

In a final message to the United supporters across the word, Ole preaches patience and a need to continue looking at the bigger picture.

"I think we all know the situation now," he says. "We’re all patient and looking forward to football coming back to the stadiums and on TV but, in the meantime, we’ve all got a real important role to play in staying at home and following the guidelines to help the NHS. If anyone can volunteer and help, that’s fantastic and that’s the way we save lives."

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