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Solskjaer opens up on celebrations issue

Friday 15 January 2021 14:02

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says he has spoken with the Manchester United players about their responsibilities in regards to goal celebrations.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to cause major problems across the country, the Premier League has written to clubs to remind them of the protocols which are in place.

The ‘critical importance’ of these rules has been emphasised and ‘handshakes, high-fives and hugs must be avoided’.

The boss, who has previously spoken of the privileged position in which football finds itself, confirmed United are aware of the guidance and that his men would do their best to control themselves if we find the net at Liverpool on Sunday.

“I think we all know the situation that we’re in. We all know to keep to the guidelines and keep to the rules,” Solskjaer told journalists at his pre-match press conference.

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“I can’t promise anything but, of course, if the players can control themselves, that’s the best now. Then again, football is about the passion and instant moments.

“Then again, you’ve seen loads of players when they score against their former clubs, for example, can control their emotions.

“I can’t say anything but that we’ve spoken about it: our responsibilities and our duties, that we are role-models, that we are going to do our best if get the chance to celebrate. Let’s hope we get one.”

Solskjaer’s opposite number Jurgen Klopp was also asked about the celebrations issue in his media briefing.

The German said it was ‘difficult’ to ask players to be disciplined in the current climate, but that football was doing all it could to be responsible in not helping spread the virus.

“We are tested two or three times a week. We feel, between tests, there are days you can be infected. It can happen,” said Klopp. “People leave the bubble for private reasons. In our situation, it's never spread. We [socially] distance in dressing rooms.

“We wish we knew more about the virus. We get information step by step. We are six or seven months into the pandemic, we've played for a while, celebrating [since we have been playing in the pandemic] and nothing has happened.

“We will just try. It is a difficult one but we all know about the situation. The boys, so far, have done an incredible job to be disciplined with all the things around the virus. They will do their best. It is difficult.”