Read the digital edition of United Review v RB Leipzig

Tuesday 27 October 2020 16:24

Old Trafford is preparing for its first Champions League match of the season when RB Leipzig come to Manchester.

Once more fans around the world can purchase a digital edition of the club’s iconic matchday programme United Review, at the special introductory price of just 99p. 

With fans still not allowed in stadiums in England, the cover for this special edition – and all of our Champions League programmes this season – is dedicated to the part supporters have played in European nights over the years, a point mentioned by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in his exclusive programme notes for this issue.

“It was a shame that Edinson didn’t have supporters in the stands to welcome him to his new club on Saturday, and I have to say that it’s still a strange experience to have football without the fans,” writes the boss. “All of us within the game agree that it is lacking something without supporters cheering their teams on. It’s certainly going to be an unusual atmosphere tonight. 

“Old Trafford is world famous for the atmosphere it generates on a Champions League night and, as we welcome Julian Nagelsmann, the RB Leipzig players and staff to Manchester, we know in advance that this will feel different to the big European nights we’ve had here before.”

Inside you’ll find an exclusive interview with Anthony Martial and loads of expert opinion on our German visitors, who travel to Old Trafford for the first time on the back of a matchday one win over Istanbul Basaksehir and sitting proudly on top of the Bundesliga. 

The club from eastern Germany have a fascinating story and we chart the 2019/20 Champions League semi-finalists’ rapid rise to the top of the game, as well as giving you an insight into the players who will run out at Old Trafford this week.

There is also a big section dedicated to United’s history with German clubs in European competition, including our top three games, goals and individual performances from across the decades. 

And as usual, there is a wealth of interactive digital content in the issue, with videos including the action from the weekend’s Premier League game against Chelsea, a look back at classic UCL matches against Bayern Munich in 1999 (yes, that one!) and Schalke in 2011, as well as a video collection of Anthony Martial’s Premier League goals to go with his interview – all 51 of them! 

Paddy Crerand, in his column, also tells a hilarious anecdote about his most memorable trip to United with Germany – to face ASK Vorwarts in 1965. 

“This is the one German trip I’ll always remember making in a competitive game, to East Berlin in the first round of the European Cup. We had to go through the border, from West Berlin into East Berlin, and the forms had so many questions: name, address, what is your purpose of being here? And the idiot that I was back then, do you know what I put for that? ‘Espionage’. They kept us there for about four hours after that, and Matt went off his head when he found out what I’d done. That’s how daft you are when you are a kid – I’m not even sure I could spell the word properly! 

“Thankfully the trip got better after that, though, with John Connelly scoring the second in a 2-0 win. He was very quiet, and quite shy, but boy could he look after himself. He couldn’t be intimidated out on the right wing, where he was tremendous. We were very fortunate to get John from Burnley, and he played in England’s first World Cup game in ’66 before Alf Ramsey lost his wingers!”
Solskjaer impressed by 'proactive' Nagelsmann Video

Solskjaer impressed by 'proactive' Nagelsmann

The boss is hoping to continue our excellent start to the Champions League in 2020/21 when we face RB Leipzig...

If you’d still like to get hold of a print version of the RB Leipzig programme, click here to purchase your collectors’ edition. You can also order a print programme for this weekend’s Premier League game with Arsenal there. 

The usual price of the digital matchday programme throughout the 2020/21 season will be £2.50, with this being the last opportunity to sample the programme at the special introductory price of 99p.

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