Every word from the second part of Erik's press conference

Saturday 01 October 2022 22:30

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag discussed a wide range of topics during the second part of his pre-match media briefing, prior to our Premier League clash with close rivals Manchester City on Sunday.

The Dutchman, who will of course be involved in his first Manchester derby this weekend, was quizzed on Pep Guardiola, Luke Shaw, Erling Haaland, and more, as we look to record a fifth consecutive Premier League win.

With arch-rivals City no doubt presenting a tough test come Sunday afternoon, anticipation is beginning to build ahead of the 188th meeting between the two sides. 

Below, you can find every word Ten Hag said in the embargoed section of his media briefing, ahead of Sunday's showdown with the Guardiola's side...

Part Two: Ten Hag's derby press conference Video

Part Two: Ten Hag's derby press conference

Press conference | The second part of Erik's media briefing is now available to watch...

What did you learn from your time working with Pep Guardiola and what did you take from his managerial style that you've taken on yourself?
''First of all, the most important thing is that no two people are the same. I have to stick by myself and then I learn a lot from many human beings in football. Especially, in regards to the top coaches, I admire Pep Guardiola, not only because he is successful but because he is doing it in a certain way which really attracts people to football. That is a really big reward.''

Lisandro Martinez had a good game against Erling Haaland when Ajax beat Dortmund last season. Can that be any benefit to you heading into this game?
''He will take some of the habits, but it is a totally different situation. Two different teams, two different approaches, different situations. So you cannot compare this.''
After the Sheriff game there was talk of potential recruitment heading into January. Has there been any advance on that or is the summer still the priority?
''No. The conclusion I only look for in terms of buy is preparing for what can happen and what is already there in the squad. It is not about conversations, it is about thinking and working out the strategies of how you see your players, how you want them to play and how they fit in. It's a huge scale that you have to develop in these periods. During the international break it gives you time to develop these aspects with strategies for the coming games. We have finalised block one and now we got to block two. It is a huge challenge because we play big games and we have to be ready for that and we prepare game plans and programmes for that.''

Pep said in April that you could have been seen as a potential replacement for him at Manchester City, did you give that any thought or was the pull of Manchester United to great?
''It is a nice compliment first, but I chose to be 100% convinced by Manchester United, with everything in it. I don't regret it,100%.''

Ten Hag's team news for Manchester derby


The boss provides details about his options for the big game at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday.

Erik you said at the start there is room for improvement, but the results against Arsenal and Liverpool must give you confidence that you can beat anyone, especially City at the Etihad?
''Yes, but when I analysed those games then I have to be critical. There is room for improvement and we have to keep this process moving, If we keep beating big teams then you have to improve. I want to have stable performances not just against the big teams but against everyone.''

When you have worked with a manager like Pep, does that give you a little bit of an advantage in terms of knowing what he does? Also, do you feel he is the best manager at present that everyone aspires to be like?

''Of course, we both think that we know everything about each other, but when we were together it was already eight years ago and as a manager, one of things you have to always do is develop. I hope he did, as I know I did as well. We have both changed in the right way but I'm sure he did and I did as well. If he is not the best manager, then for sure he is one of them. For me he is, but there is in this moment much more as well. That is clear.''
Do you set-up your team this weekend to go there and play with no fear?
''We want to play our game and that is clear. With our principles and rules, we always respect the opponent; it doesn't matter the opponent. We will try to play our game.''

When you have someone like Jadon Sancho who has played with Erling Haaland, do you ask him if he has any way to stop him?
''Of course when you have a player who played in the past with a player, you ask him. I also think it is our job in advance to analyse as a team and if individual players have huge contribution to the result, we have to do our job and that is what I am doing with my staff and players because they can give us more details.''

On Luke Shaw too because he did well with England most recently, is that good for you?
''Ah, he didn't play just well he played really well. I think we are happy with all the players because they did well with the nations and we followed them because that is one of our aspects. All the players did well for their nations and Diogo [Dalot] scored twice, Bruno [Fernandes] played well twice, Casemiro and Fred played well and did their jobs. Luke Shaw played really strong against Germany and we saw a lot, we are happy with the performances from our players. It reflects well with what we are doing with players here at Manchester United and that reflects in this moment with the training this morning, there was really high level of energy and the level of performance of training was good which gives me confidence for the upcoming period.''

Ten Hag named Manager of the Month


The boss has won the Premier League's award after United picked up maximum points in September.

Erling Haaland released a documentary a month ago outlining the seven clubs he could of signed for in the summer, even though Manchester United weren't one despite previous interest. I know it was before your time but how do you get this club into the position where Manchester United is at the top of the list of clubs want to sign for?
''We have them already here. They have the potential to become the best and some already are there. We have World champions in our squad nowadays. They are the best of the world and you can say that. We have a lot of players who have already won the biggest titles in the world. If I go back to when I was looking at players during the window, you feel that Man Utd is a really attractive club for them. I am not concerned about that point.''

With regards to Erling Haaland, as well as his goals, what else does he bring?
''I like his attitude. How he is on the pitch. He is direct, his life is about goals and he is direct to the goal of the opponent.''

Can he also create goals or is he just a goalscorer?
''He can also create goals, but once again, I respect him but for us on Sunday we are not playing against Haaland, we are playing against Man City and for us, it's not about Man City. It is about us and them being an opponent.''