Evra reacts to Kambwala's first interview as a Red

Friday 09 February 2024 13:00

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra has reacted to Willy Kambwala’s first big interview as a Red, expressing his pride in the young defender.

Kambwala joined our Academy from Sochaux in 2020 after previously playing for Les Ulis, a provincial side in Paris that counts Evra and Anthony Martial among its graduates. 

During a conversation with United youth expert Harry Robinson, Willy speaks passionately about his rise through the ranks and the role models who have shaped his fledgling career. 

On Evra, he says: “I was like ‘okay, if he did it from here, I can do it as well’. We had a main building [at Les Ulis] with all the shirts on the wall and I was like ‘yeah, one day I want my shirt to be on this wall’. So it was really inspirational. Every coach over there was talking about [those players] because they had them when they were kids. It helps you to know what you have to do.”
Willy Kambwala | Fight For Your Dream Video

Willy Kambwala | Fight For Your Dream

Fight For Your Dream | You will love Willy Kambwala’s big interview from February, charting his rise from Les Ulis in France…

Kambwala’s character and determination shines through during an in-depth interview in which he also outlines his love for United, admitting it was always his ambition to play here. 

“The dream was about Man United,” he says. “And that's it. No other club. Even England, I wasn't thinking about England. I was just thinking about Man United. I don't know why but, since as far back as I can remember, it was just Man United.

“I couldn't watch [that much] football but it was Man United, Man United all the time. That's the dream I had. So, to be here, was just so special to me because it was the thing I wanted.”

A clip of that very answer was posted on our official Instagram account.

Within minutes, United legend Evra was in the comments section, praising the Academy graduate for his attitude. 

"That's all we asked, passion and love,” writes Patrice.

“Well done Wills, I'm proud of you.”

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Evra’s positive response is mirrored by our fans, who have also commented on Kambala’s interview, as you can read in this sample…

@Vy_canism: “Big up Willy Kwambala, ETH's doing a great job of integrating the youth and I'm all for it.”

@Humphrey_kayx: “Allow our young boys to play, they’ll change the club again, they’re all determined.”

@Emekajc_100: “Good luck at the club. We love your passion. Go and make us and your family proud!”

@Laflame_collins: “Determined player right here. Show everyone why you wanted to be a Red Devil.”

Watch 'Fight For Your Dream' to learn more about Willy Kambwala.