Tullis-Joyce: We are growing as goalkeepers at United

Thursday 29 February 2024 16:12

Phallon Tullis-Joyce became the newest member of Manchester United Women’s goalkeepers’ union when she joined the club from OL (now Seattle) Reign last summer.

The American, who has made four appearances so far in her debut season, tells us that she is thoroughly enjoying her time at United and working alongside her Reds peers on a day-to-day basis.

Upon arriving in Manchester in September, Phallon expressed her excitement at the opportunity to work with and learn from goalkeeping counterpart Mary Earps, who has won FIFA’s award for the best player in the position over the last two years.

The pair have now been team-mates for nearly six months, and Tullis-Joyce has given an insight into what it has been like training with Earps, during a visit to the TeamViewer Diaries room.

One-on-one with Phallon Tullis-Joyce Video

One-on-one with Phallon Tullis-Joyce

Goalkeeping, English football and marine biology: it's all on the agenda as we check in with Phallon Tullis-Joyce...

“Even just my first days with Mary, I got the sense of her personality, and she does really make you chuckle during a training session, but at the same time, we’ll keep the standards high which I appreciate,” Phallon says in her episode of the series, which you can now watch above.

“So, while we can have a good laugh, we already know this is an environment where we are growing.

“So, I really appreciate that. I think it’s been great so far, my time with Mary, and Saf [Middleton-Patel, before she departed on loan to Watford].”

During the sit-down episode – in which our shot-stopper looks back on big moments from her United career so far and details when her love for marine biology started – Phallon also explains how she has found working with goalkeeping coach Ian Willcock.

Willcock recently sat down with club media for insightful conversation about our keepers, and now Tullis-Joyce has shared what it is like to work with the man they nickname ‘Willco’.

“My time with Willco has just been phenomenal. Just a great guy,” the 27-year-old adds.

Tullis-Joyce has been appreciative of Willcock's coaching style since joining the club at the start of the campaign.

“He definitely cares for each and every one of his goalkeepers, he’s so attentive to details and, I’m and overthinker, so I think we pair really well.

“Even though he’s so good with details, he reminds me to just slow down in what I’m doing, let the process happen and enjoy the process as well, he very much tells me just to enjoy what I’m doing.

“He’s just very good with all of us and our separate needs, so that’s been great.”

You can get more from Phallon in the latest instalment of our TeamViewer Diaries series – watch here.

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