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Neville: How Beckham brought me to Miami

Friday 15 April 2022 09:30

With anticipation building for our latest #ILOVEUNITED event in Miami this weekend, the Manchester United legend who manages the local Major League Soccer (MLS) club has been sharing insight into his role there.

As head coach of Inter Miami, Phil Neville has been tasked with steering the side founded in 2018 by his former team-mate David Beckham through only their second season in the United States' top flight. 

The former Reds defender and coach managed England's women's team from 2018 to 2021, before making the switch to Florida after an offer arrived from Beckham.

#ILOVEUNITED: Cole x Neville Video

#ILOVEUNITED: Cole x Neville

Exclusive | Zarah Connolly & Andy Cole grill Phil Neville on his new home, Miami, before our #ILOVEUNITED event there...

When asked by MUTV's Zarah Connolly what drove him to take on the role, he revealed: "David and his ambition to make this club global was probably one of the biggest [reasons].

"I am quite ambitious as a manager, I want to manage at the top level and the plans that David and the [other] owners have got for this football club are huge. He wants Inter Miami to be known worldwide.

"It’s a new club, we are starting fresh and David is building his own club. He was the big influence for me as I know how much he wants this to be a success."

With two other former United players, Diego Forlan and Andy Cole, making the trip to Miami's Oasis Wynwood to watch our game against Norwich City this weekend, excitement is beginning to build.

Meanwhile, Neville has been reflecting on his time so far in the States, and praising ex-United, Real Madrid and England star Beckham for his attitude and application towards creating his very own football club from the ground up.

"His standards are so high, if we draw a game he’s not happy and if we lose a game he’s more than unhappy," said Phil. "He wants us to win the league and he wants us to win competitions, that’s the type of expectations we had at Manchester United.'' 

Reds bring #ILOVEUNITED to Miami


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Neville added: "They don’t just want to be an MLS team, they want to be a worldwide brand, they want to compete in the North American equivalent of the Champions League."

As for his own move to pastures new, the 45-year-old enthused: "It’s a brilliant way of life out here.

"I'm obviously at a new football club where it’s new and it’s just starting to take off and has brilliant expectations. Life is good."