Red support message of peace

Saturday 26 February 2022 14:55

Ralf Rangnick and his players stood united in support of peace before today’s match against Watford.

The boss and the entire Manchester United team huddled together on the pitch with Ralf's homemade sign, which features the peace symbol and the word ‘peace’ in several languages.

Ralf led the idea, which was embraced by the players and supported by the club as a sign of solidarity with people affected by the war in Ukraine.

A message from Ralf and the Reds Video

A message from Ralf and the Reds

The United and Watford players joined Ralf Rangnick in posing behind his homemade peace banner ahead of kick-off...

The Watford side also joined in the show of support for peace, standing arm-in-arm with their opponents as the sign was displayed shortly before kick-off.