Marcus Rashford

Rashford: Who knows how many goals we’ll end up with

Sunday 05 July 2020 10:00

Marcus Rashford believes Manchester United’s free-flowing front three can finish the season with a huge combined goal tally, if the focus and determination stays at the same level.

Rashford found the back of the net on Saturday in our impressive 5-2 display against Bournemouth - as did his attacking team-mates Mason Greenwood and Anthony Martial, which means between them the trio have netted 55 times in all competitions this campaign.

Speaking after the match to MUTV, Marcus said our dynamic trident have plenty more games to keep adding to their already impressive numbers in 2019/20.

Our no.10 also explained why he took yesterday’s penalty, handed out some advice for Greenwood and revealed the reasons he believes United are in such a rich vein of form at present…
Rashford reveals why he took our penalty Video

Rashford reveals why he took our penalty

Bruno has been banging in the penalties recently, but Marcus reveals why he took yesterday's spot-kick...

Marcus, that was thrilling to watch, but what was it like to play in?

“It’s always nice when you’re playing in a game that’s full of goals. The team did brilliantly today and the reason we got the goals is because of the work done behind us - the guys know that on the pitch. We have to keep working hard defensively, cover spaces and when we win the ball back, find spaces to score goals like we did. Plenty of positives; few negatives but we assess them and move on.”

After all the months of rehab you finally hit the net, it must feel great?

“It’s been a long time and a long recovery for me. The way things went with the virus and obviously, with people having more time off, I had time for my back to recover properly and for me to feel confident again and stronger again in my body. That’s the main thing and I always say: ‘Heath is your wealth’. Once I felt back and healthy, it's definitely a good feeling for me.”
Back on penalty duty again?

“The penalties are just penalties. We just decide at that moment who’s going to take them. As long as the penalty goes [in], it’s no worries for me.”

But to break the 20-goal barrier for the first time - Anthony [Martial] breaks the 20-goal barrier for the first time and with Mason [Greenwood] there’s 55 goals between you - that’s quite a potent strike force now…

“Yeah, it’s been brilliant. There are still plenty more games to go: five in the league and then there’s the Europa League and FA Cup. There’s plenty of games to go and if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, the numbers could be - well, we don’t know what the numbers could be come the end of it. We just keep working hard and, as you saw today, be ruthless. Mason was ruthless today with his chances and we need that if we want to keep scoring goals.”
Our epic team goal that was ruled out Video

Our epic team goal that was ruled out

Yes, the referee decided it was offside, but we can still enjoy the beauty of this disallowed goal...

We don’t want to overhype Mason too much, but you can’t help seeing what you see: left foot, right foot - that’s some ability…

“One thing I can say is the kid does this all the time. This is him playing a normal game of football. Whatever anybody says outside, my best advice to him would be: just play your game because this is his game. What you saw him do today, this is what he does every single game. For him, take it step-by-step and keep improving. If he keeps improving, where will he be in five years’ time?”

He seems to be a really level-headed lad as well…

“Exactly. It’s a big thing and he’s always eager to learn and he reminds me, mentality-wise, of how I was when I was younger. If you keep learning, there’s no limit to what you can become. That would be my advice to him: keep that learning mentality that he has.”
What does Ole think of our five-goal display? Video

What does Ole think of our five-goal display?

As a legendary striker, the boss loved all of our goals against Bournemouth! Watch his interview at pitchside...

Anthony stuck one in the top corner, it was like our own personal Goal-of-the-Month competition…

“We expect this from Anthony. His quality is unbelievable. He’s shown it time and time again this season. You see with special goals like that, it takes a special player to score it and that’s what we have in this team.”

Sixteen unbeaten - I don’t think anyone is going to want to play United at the moment. Confidence must be so high for these remaining games?

“Confidence is high but I would say the focus is higher than the confidence, I feel now, than before I got injured, the focus is: this game is only going one way and we’re going to win and take the three points home. The opponent, it doesn’t matter. I feel like we’ve taken that responsibility onto ourselves to better the last performance. If we keep doing that then you get results like today with five goals. We could have relaxed when it was 3-1. The second half, they got an early goal but we reacted straight away. That’s the thing that’s good for me: the reaction. Mistakes happen in football, every minute mistakes happen, but it’s how you react from those mistakes that’s the good thing.”

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