Rio Ferdinand.

Liverpool v United: What the legends said

Sunday 16 December 2018 10:00

When Manchester United lock horns with arch-rivals Liverpool, it's always a match that gets everyone talking.

United make the short trip along the M62 today to face the Merseysiders for the 201st time in all competitions.

Here are 10 classic quotes from both sides of the divide to get you in the mood for this afternoon's big game...

Sir Alex Ferguson says

"To me, Liverpool will always be the derby game, just because of the history. When I came down here, they were the kingpins of England. My aim was to try and turn that round. It’s hard for me to go against history."

Steven Gerrard says

"You've got the two most successful clubs in the country and the rivalry is huge because of how close the clubs are and all the battles we've had over the years. If you ask any fan or player to pick a game they'd like to win, you look for United."

Sir Bobby Charlton says

"Supporters are lucky that both clubs have had good managers, coaches and players, so that it has been a pleasure to go and watch both teams. There's a respect there and we must never forget that."

Ryan Giggs says

"I think I've always shown the right respect to Liverpool and the history they have. But I also know that it's the team I get the most pleasure out of beating."

Robbie Fowler says

"You admire them for what they've achieved and respect them but, as Liverpool, we think we're better. United probably do the same."

Rio Ferdinand says

"Before my first United game against Liverpool, Sir Alex pulled me aside and said ‘Listen you’ll never have played in anything like this, so you'd better make sure you're ready and understand what it means’. That was a good taster, but there are no words that can really get you ready."

Jamie Carragher says

"Let's get this clear: I want United to lose every time they play. I'm pleased when they lose. I’m sure United fans feel exactly the same about Liverpool and I wouldn't change that."

Norman Whiteside says

"I did exactly what the supporters dreamed themselves of doing in my position. I kicked lumps out of Liverpool. I became their representative on the pitch, and they've never forgotten it."

Phil Chisnall, the last player to move directly between the clubs (in 1964) says

"I was in a unique position of being in the same room as Busby and Shankly as they discussed my future. Shankly had great admiration for Busby and they were in many respects like father and son. They were down-to-earth and that’s what made them such good managers."

Ian Callaghan says

"When we used to come to Old Trafford, we'd stay in Lymm, which was where Sir Bobby lived. We used to go for a walk on the morning of the game and Bill Shankly would already be at Bob's. That's how it was – there was a fantastic camaraderie."

Liverpool v United kicks off at 16:00 GMT on Sunday. MUTV subscribers can watch 90 minutes of live build-up from Anfield from 14:30 GMT and you can follow our coverage on and in the Official App, which you can download here.

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