Scott McTominay.

McTominay wows fans with his incredible 5km time

Saturday 25 April 2020 07:00

The 5km running challenge has been a topic of conversation at Manchester United this week, after it was revealed the players and staff are competing to see who can record the fastest time.

Daniel James told us that Scott McTominay had set the standard among the squad and our marauding midfielder backed up that claim, days later, by posting his running data on Instagram. 

Incredibly, as his followers saw, the Academy graduate covered the 5km distance in 16 minutes and one second, with negative splits as well – which means he somehow got faster as he went along! 

Check out the proof below…
McTominay posted this incredible 5km time via his official Instagram account this week.

According to research by The Sun this week, McTominay overran by 30 metres and, without that extra distance, his time would most likely have been an even more impressive 15 minutes and 45 seconds. 

To put the United midfielder’s speed into greater context, the top British 5km recorded in 2020 so far is reportedly held by Cambridge & Coleridge runner Marc Scott in a time of 13:08. 

Only the top 27 runners this year have managed to beat McTominay's time of 16:01. 

The world record is currently held by Ethiopian track star Kenenisa Bekele, with a time of 12:37, so Scott has got some way to go just yet... although we wouldn't write him off!

Assistant coach Kieran McKenna appeared on Thursday’s episode of MUTV Group Chat and was happy to report he currently holds the fastest 5km time between the staff. However, as McKenna quickly pointed out, he is facing stiff competition from Reds legend Michael Carrick. 

“I’ve got a few years on Ole, so if he’s beating me, I'm in trouble,” joked 33-year-old McKenna. “I know he was pretty sharp as a player! 

“I’d have to say, at the moment, I’m top of it out of the coaching staff. Carras has still got a good engine, he’s a 10km man, he can still clock the miles. He’s never been super, super quick but he can still clock up the miles and I think he could still get about the pitch quicker than me if there was a ball on it, that’s for sure.

“My 5km time is not on the level of Scott McTominay at the moment. I’ve just broken the 20-minute mark, so I’m in the sub-20 club. I’ve just got it down to 19-and-a-half, so I’m not bad. But we’ve got a couple of proper, proper runners in that squad, so I won’t be trying to go anywhere near their times or I could do myself a whole load of damage.”
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Harry Maguire posted an impressive time of 17:46 earlier this week and Jesse Lingard also uploaded his own effort of 18:29.

Of course, those speeds may have been improved since then, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for further updates from the lads. 

In the meantime, why don't you try it for yourself? 

Exercise provides tons of physical and mental benefits, particularly during the ongoing lockdown, so grab your trainers and hit the roads. Just remember to social distance, Reds.

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