Solskjaer reacts to Murtough & Fletcher news

Wednesday 10 March 2021 14:09

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has reacted to the club promoting John Murtough to football director and Darren Fletcher to technical director.

A statement that was released at 12:00 GMT confirmed the two new roles, which will further strengthen the club’s football operations.

In his press conference to preview our Europa League last-16 match against AC Milan, Solskjaer admitted he has known about the news for some time and is pleased with the ongoing work behind the scenes at the Aon Training Complex.

“Darren will still combine with the coaching, of course, maybe a little bit less on the coaching side," said Ole. "I’m very happy that we’ve made this decision and the announcement. 

United appoint Football and Technical Directors


We are pleased to announce two new roles that will further strengthen the club’s football operations.

“Of course, I’ve known about it for a little while. I’ve known John [Murtough] since I came in, he was here when I came. Now it’s more of a formal role, with the job title. He’s still been working behind the scenes and I’ve worked well with him. It’s a cultural fit. 

“We know we’re a work in progress. What we’re doing, we just want to improve on and better it. So I’m very happy with what we have. We’ve still got the continuity of the last few years, but have got new ideas and fresh thinking with Fletch, who’s been at the club before and has come back now.”

Asked about how these appointments might affect future transfers, Solskjaer said: “I think everyone involved in world football has been affected by the pandemic and what’s going on, so it’ll be an interesting window, to see how the market responds. 

“But for me, the process of our recruitment is still going to be the same, with John and Darren in their new roles. It’s work that we’ve been doing for years now, anyway, with the manager, with the scouting department, with the analysis department. That won’t change at all. 

“John, I’ve worked well with him now for years anyway, so we keep in touch more or less every day, or at least a few times every week. The communication is really good, which is very positive. We’re always hoping to add quality to the team, of course.”

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Quizzed on what Fletcher will bring, the manager concluded: "A few months back, when we were making a final decision, there were also other things in the pipeline for Darren. We lost, or we moved, Mark Dempsey back down to the Academy, so there was a coaching spot as well. 

“If there was one thing I was sure of, that was that we cannot lose Darren; we wanted Darren at Man United. He has the history at the club; he’s been brought up here since he was a young boy to become a Champions League winner and a serial winner. His DNA is what we want. 

“Then he went away, so he’s got fresh ideas as well. He’s got the Man United side of it but he’s also been outside with different clubs. He’s got a bright eye for football, a really keen eye for following the development of the youngsters. 

“For me, now he can combine these two: a little bit less coaching and have more of an influence on the other side of it. Recruitment maybe; go and speak to players, sell Man United as the club he knows it is.”

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