Ole's verdict on victory over Wolves

Sunday 29 August 2021 19:40

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer praised 'special' contributions from David De Gea and Mason Greenwood, as the Reds edged to victory over Wolves at Molineux.

The boss was happy to admit that his side were not at our free-flowing best for large parts of the game, but that victory in front of a raucous home support tasted pretty sweet regardless.

Read the main points from the manager's interview with Sky Sports and his post-match press conference - plus his MUTV interview - below. Included are Ole's view on the winning goal and where he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo will fit into this team once his move from Juventus goes through.


“We’re happy. Great result. Both could have won it. Of course, we were under pressure for a spell but we had most of the possession I reckon. It was not the prettiest game but it was a game for everyone to watch. There’s was excitement in both boxes. The crowd was there, with some passion. Finally we’ve got our game back.”

90 in 20: Wolves 0 United 1 Video

90 in 20: Wolves 0 United 1

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“They had maybe a little bit more than us. We didn’t create too much today but then we’ve got a good goalkeeper as well. David has found his determination, desire and he’s come back with loads of energy. You can see that in him, in the work he’s doing every single day. The second save [from Saiss] from that corner is special. That’s not just hit him. It’s reaction and he’s had a strong arm to it.”


“This week I’m happy. That’s the nature of being a manager. Last week [at Southampton] we were told they wanted to keep the game flowing. Today they kept the game flowing and I think it was a fair challenge [by Pogba on Neves]. I said we’ve got to be careful not to make the basketball game that we had last year – everyone could fall over and it was a free-kick – but to make sure we don’t get into rugby. We have to look after the players. I thought the refereeing has been good over three weeks. I watch Match of the Day, you watch some of the full games and they’ve been told to keep it more lenient and flowing. When it goes against you, you’ll moan just for a little bit and then you’ll move on. When it goes for you, you’re happy and you don’t want to talk about it too much.”

Solskjaer's verdict on Wolves 0 United 1 Video

Solskjaer's verdict on Wolves 0 United 1

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“[On Greenwood] The boy’s special. I’ve had a good conversation with Gareth and we discussed Mason of course and all the other players but Mason’s one we both can see is a top player for Man United and England. The boy of course wants to play for his country but I think at the moment the best for him is to focus on his everyday football and I’m sure he’ll come good for England in the end.”

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“Cristiano has evolved as a player. He used to play wide right, wide left, up front but he’s more of a centre forward for me at the moment, definitely. There will be games we play with two up front or three up front but I want him in the box, I want him scoring goals.


“That’s football for you. Sometimes it happens. We’ve always been watching Cristiano. The one day he was going to move, we’d be interested. We never thought he was going to leave Juventus this season but when we did we had to speak to him, of course. Everyone that cares for Man United wanted this to happen and everyone played a part. But the biggest thing is that Cristiano wanted to come here.”

De Gea: Double saves are all about instinct Video

De Gea: Double saves are all about instinct

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“I’m not going to discuss individual players and names, but there’s a discussion. There has been a couple enquires for some of our players and of course with the signing of Cristiano we might give less playing time to a few. Dan is a Man United player at the moment.”