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"I'd sign Keano every day of the week!"

Saturday 13 March 2021 11:00

If you could choose a Manchester United legend to be in the current squad, who would it be and why?

It’s a question Reds of all ages have spent countless hours discussing and one which is almost impossible to definitively answer, given the sheer number of iconic players who have called Old Trafford home down the years.

We put that very same teaser to boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as part of our bumper fans’ Q&A and, given the Norwegian played for us between 1996 and 2007 – a period encompassing some of the club’s finest-ever moments – he had to think long and hard before giving us his response.

Part one of Ole's fan Q&A will be available to watch in full from 12:00 GMT on Saturday.

Although Ole is no doubt happy with the players he has at his disposal, the prospect of dipping into the annals for an extra sprinkling of stardust proved irresistible.

The 48-year-old ended up opting for two players he shared a dressing room with, both hungry and driven characters who took no prisoners in the ultimately fruitful pursuit of greatness.

And, when it comes to the notoriously no-nonsense Roy Keane, Ole jokes he wouldn't relish the prospect of managing him...

“There are a few players I’ve played with that I’d love to have in my team, of course,” says Solskjaer.

“I’d love the player Roy Keane, I’m not sure if I could manage him though!”

Still, would the odd cold stare and barbed comment stop Solskjaer selecting the Irishman? Definitely not, as he goes on to explain, before throwing a certain Cristiano Ronaldo into the mix.

“I’d sign him every day of the week, Roy was so influential but then again, I played with Cristiano and he’s been the best player in the world alongside [Lionel] Messi for the past 10 to 15 years now, so Cristiano,” he continues.

“You’d take him in your team, for sure.”

Keano and Cristiano linking up with Bruno, Marcus, Anthony and the rest? Now that’s a fantasy line-up we’d love to see!

Part one of Ole’s fan Q&A will be available to watch in full from 12:00 GMT. Part two will follow on Sunday at 09:00 GMT.