Spotlight on the adidas golf shoe

Wednesday 24 March 2021 17:45

If you read the words ‘eagle’, ‘albatross’ and ‘birdie’ and don’t immediately think of feathered, winged creatures flying freely overhead, you’re probably a golfer.

While we can’t help you get your handicap down, we can help you look the part, no matter what your skill level is. 

Let us introduce you to the shoe that will make you look more ‘Ace’ than ‘Bogey’. Step straight from the clubhouse to the course and back in the adidas Adicross Retro Golf Shoes, bringing in graphic artwork to give a subtle nod to football culture, while still ticking the boxes on the course.

It’s the best of both worlds.

The dress code on the green is well known, and you'd certainly struggle to get away with showing your football allegiances to your golf buddies in days gone by, but now you can give your team a subtle shout-out while not getting kicked off the fairway and also transition to town without skipping a beat.

Take your golf gear to the next level with shoes drawing inspiration from Manchester street art to give a classic shoe a raw twist.

As well as a durable leather upper, the new kicks have a regular fit with a wide forefoot for extra comfort for those longer courses, or maybe for just showing off this summer when the roadmap out of lockdown takes us to our desired destination; normality.

Maybe you could even wear them to a home game next year when we can hopefully welcome fans back to Old Trafford, what a beautiful thought!

In addition to a leather lining to keep your toes feeling loved, these bad boys also feature a durable non-marking Adiwear Fish scale Traxion outsole tread. Sounds fancy, right?

Basically, you won’t slip on the fairway, so you can’t use that as an excuse if you have a terrible game and everyone calls you a hacker.

Whether you’re a golfer or just a shoe lover, you can’t deny it, that’s a good looking shoe, right there. Get your pair now and wear them around the house like you used to when you got new school shoes, and then you’ll be all set for making your way to the 19th hole when golf clubs reopen, and one step closer to swanning around again without a care in the world.

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