Take a stroll around our (virtual) Christmas markets

Wednesday 02 December 2020 12:27

In the run up to December 25, everyone has their favourite traditions to get them feeling festive.

It could be baking mince pies, a frantic Google search for the ugliest Christmas jumper you can find to beat your mates this year, or sitting for what feels like days to write out your Christmas cards (will a text instead do this year?). One of our favourite festive traditions is a visit to the Christmas Markets to soak in the atmosphere, while picking up some gifts and delicious food.

While physical markets are shut in lots of places this year, in great news, we’ve built our own virtual Christmas Markets and everyone is invited, and you don’t even have to put down a deposit on your mulled wine mug*.

*unless that’s how you roll in your house.

So sit back, get cosy and have a virtual wander through our virtual markets, the only downside is you have to provide your own delicious food...

Without further ado, let’s see what stalls you will come across in the virtual Christmas Markets:


Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, uncle, granddad or something else entirely, you’ll find the perfect gift for them on this stall. From jackets and tops to kit and more, there are plenty of options, and some great choices if you’re not sure on what size to buy, like a New Era Featherweight Poly 39THIRTY Stretch Fit Cap, because getting it wrong can be a nightmare...

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Shopping for your wife? Girlfriend? Mum, aunty, grandma or just that really nice woman who takes in your parcels when you’re out? Have a browse of this stall and get this gift boxed off with a great selection, from the exclusive HumanRace kit designed with Pharrell Williams to a knit-hat or some Remington straighteners.

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For the little Reds in your life, take a look at this stall. Treat your friends' 2020 baby to a stylish baby-grow and get them started on the right track early, or maybe pick up a zip-up hoodie for your nieces and nephews to prove that you really ARE cooler than their parents.

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From something extra for them to open to solving your Secret Santa woes, the Stocking-Fillers stall is here to help. How about a stationery set to up their street-cred in school, or a wall-calendar to count down the days till the next lockdown lifts!

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For the retro lover in your life, who can tell you the specifics of a glorious game from their youth, our retro range is here to help. Everyone has a favourite classic kit, and you can take them back to those great memories with that white number sported at the FA Cup semi-final in 1999, or take it back even further to the iconic 1968 Kings of Europe jersey.

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without football, and while we sadly can’t welcome fans to Old Trafford this year, you can still get your fix with some great gifts to enjoy with your family at home. How about a football for a Boxing Day kickabout? Or maybe up your PS4 game with a branded skin for your imminent Pro Evo victory! You could even get everyone involved with building an incredible LEGO replica of Old Trafford (before they all have too much Christmas cake and fall asleep in front of the Queen’s speech).

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Maybe you’re in the market for something to get you feeling more festive before the big day, in which case, our All Things Christmas stall has got you covered. Christmas jumper? Sorted. Christmas PJs? Done - we’ve even got some for the dog because let’s face it, they have had to put up with infinite impromptu photo-shoots while we’ve been working from home this year.

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If you’re buying for someone on the REALLY good list this year, our Luxury Gifts stall has got a great choice to tick all the boxes. From a Paul Smith classic striped scarf for styling up daily exercise to a Manchester United TAG Heuer TH Formula 1 Quartz Watch, we’ve got the gift that says it all.

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For the fan that will talk to anyone about the beautiful game, our exclusive lifestyle stall has the perfect gift. Treat the kids to a T-shirt that shows their true colours, or the man in your life to a Manchester United adidas Parka to wear anywhere and everywhere, maybe even to Old Trafford one day!

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If you’ve wracked your brain and are still drawing a blank, try our gift inspiration stall to get your creative gift-buying juices flowing. How about a backpack, or maybe a watch so they can always be on time for the United game?

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