Five things we noticed about the Stone Roses collection

Thursday 08 February 2024 12:08

Manchester United sent streetwear and football fans into a frenzy on Thursday, announcing our newest exclusive collection, in collaboration with adidas and The Stone Roses.

From bucket hats to instantly iconic jerseys, these bespoke pieces will be on show across the globe in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

Of course, the design of the green hero shirt is striking, as are the lemons used in the branding and across each of the items in the collection, but there are some other key details that you may not have been aware of.

We put these fresh fits under the microscope...


On the long-sleeved white shirt, 'The Stone Roses, This is the one' is emblazoned on the left side of the chest, a nod to the iconic walkout song at Old Trafford.

But on the left sleeve, there are three lemons printed, in-keeping with the fruit which is synonymous with the band.

Lemons were featured on the front of the Roses' debut album, released in 1989, on which the entire collection is based.


The black anthem jacket looks smart, with the black base colour being complemented by blue, red and white stripes and the United crest.

The inside features the same pattern as the hero jersey, and it is reversible too!

adidas and United launch new Stone Roses range


The club and our official kit supplier unite with iconic Manchester band, The Stone Roses, in a unique collaboration.


Three tops were released as part of the collection, with the aforementioned long-sleeved white jersey being accompanied by the hero jersey, featuring the very same pattern that is on the front of The Stone Roses' debut album.

There is also a greyscale version of the pattern on the pre-match top, which both our men's and women's first teams will wear this weekend in their respective fixtures.

Complete with a golden yellow United crest, adidas logo and Tezos sponsor, the top looks very smart indeed!

Our men's and women's first team will wear the pre-match shirt before their fixtures against Aston Villa and Southampton, respectively, this Sunday.


The red, white and blue stripes on each item not only complement the colours perfectly, but act as a further nod to The Stone Roses' debut album.

These very colours appear on the top left of the album, cutting through the green background as they do on the jersey and bucket hat in our collection.

The green, tricoloured stripes and yellow from the lemons just works, and epitomises the rich and diverse culture within our city.

Look at it! It just works.


As well as the loud colours and eye-catching design, there are subtle nods to the three collaborators across the collection.

Some of the clothing features a small stitched tag with the United crest, adidas logo and The Stone Roses lemon badge alongside one another, an understated but classy reminder of the intrinsic link between 'This is the One' and Manchester United.

There is a small lemon below the collar on the back of the hero jersey and on the side of the shorts too.

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