Manchester United line up before kick-off against AZ Alkmaar at Old Trafford

Top team-mates

Friday 17 April 2020 16:11

Here we introduce a new series on, where we look at the career of a Manchester United great and discover which team-mates he played with most often.

Here are five articles to begin with, revealing who David Beckham, Michael Carrick, Cristiano Ronaldo and current first-team stars Paul Pogba and Juan Mata have appeared with frequently...

David Beckham's top team-mates XI article

The former England captain had a stellar career but which players did he play with most often? Check our XI to find out.

Carrick's top team-mates XI article

Our coach had a great career on the pitch but which players did he make the most appearances with?

Mata's top team-mates XI article

The Spaniard's XI features a variety of Spain, Valencia, Chelsea and United stars.

Pogba's top team-mates XI article

Paul’s XI of his most common colleagues includes a mixture of players from United, Juventus and France.

Ronaldo's top team-mates XI article

Who has our former idol played alongside the most times in his career? Four Reds make the XI, including one surprise...

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