Not3s at the Aon Training Complex.

Not3s: United have a different level

Monday 20 April 2020 15:00

UK hip-hop artist Not3s has been speaking to club media about his love for all things Manchester United.

As part of our partnership with Deezer, the musician called in at the Aon Training Complex earlier this season to chat with first-team star Marcus Rashford about their mutual passion for football and music.

During his visit, Not3s also told Inside United, our official monthly magazine, about his support for the Reds, his all-time favourite players and the current first-team star he plays like…

How did you get into United?
"I started getting into United and following the team when I was fairly young, when I knew I could make my own decisions about stuff. I just remember seeing multiple Manchester United souvenir plates with Andy Cole and different players on, and I just started to think, 'Wow, this plate looks sick!'. From there, as I was seeing that in the house, I just started supporting Manchester United off my own back. I never really supported a team before that. I couldn’t stop watching games when I was young."

What are you early memories of United teams and matches?
"One of my earliest memories would be in 2005, the FA Cup final when Arsenal and United were facing each other and Patrick Vieira scored the winning penalty. As much as we lost that game, it was one of my favourite matches I’ve seen. It was proper dramatic. It had you on the edge of your seat. We never had enough money to go and watch the games [at Old Trafford] because we were in north London, but it was still meaningful. Being someone that lives in north London and Arsenal are right there, it was a lot of pressure, but it was still good."

Watch what happened when Not3s dropped in to see United star Marcus Rashford.
Who were your first heroes or the star players you liked?
"Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney, Patrice Evra, Nemanja Vidic… who else? That’s enough. A good selection, deffo!"

What about the current players? You know some of them, don’t you?
"Yeah. Marcus Rashford, I actually think he is going to be a big, big star one day. He just needs to have that drive within him, that he knows he can be way bigger than he is already. Wan-Bissaka, he’s amazing, you just can’t stop him. And Martial, I love a bit of Martial. Daniel James as well – I’m watching you, trust me! Oh, Greenwood as well. I forgot. Greenwood – you’re actually gonna come up and do craziness, so I’m watching out for you as well!"

Which is the opposition team you most enjoy beating?
"Arsenal, because my manager is an Arsenal fan and so are some of my family, so it’s just a beautiful thing to see them cry in absolute misery when United beat them."
How do you tend to follow matches and how often do you get to Old Trafford?
"I’ve got the Official App on my phone. Whenever I can go to games, whether it be in the stands or in a box, I try to get up there to watch."

Who would you choose as your all-time United legend?
"It has to Ryan Giggs or Wayne Rooney. Either of the two, to me anyway."

Do you have a favourite United kit?
"The pink kit. Pink bae, trust me. That’s my favourite United kit, just because I was involved in its launch and it was a special moment. A special bond between me and United. I didn’t get to reveal it until it actually came out and I was so mad, because I wanted to tell somebody about it – that it’s pink at least – but I wasn’t allowed!"
Not3s hopes United will be able to cement our place in the top four by the end of the season.

Do you play football yourself? If so which United player would you compare yourself to or style yourself on?
"Sometimes, yeah, I have a kickabout. I would say Nemanja Matic because I’m calm, but I can be aggressive when I need to be. That doesn’t mean that my skillset is near Matic’s! But he is definitely a player that I’m like."

What’s the best thing about being a United fan?
"I feel like there is a lot of tradition here. A different level of tradition. The home ground has been the same one since it was built [in 1910]. It’s very sentimental. And a lot of the fans actually care about certain things, rather than just [wanting to] buy anyone they can and trying to make a whole new team. I just feel like there is a lot of tradition here."

Finally, what are you hoping for in the current season, from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the team?
"For this current season I’m hoping we get a top-three spot. It needs to be that old United form where everyone plays together as one and moves forward to the goal as one and moves backward as one. Everyone just needs to be in sync with each other. I just feel like we need to keep that United form of always going to attack with no fear in the world. We’ve got this, man, we’ve got this. This is your boy Not3s. I just want to let United know we’ve got this. Trust me."

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