See Red.

United campaign wants fans to see red

Friday 02 April 2021 09:00

In the ongoing fight for equality, Manchester United has launched SEE RED, a new campaign which aims to confront the scourge of racism and discrimination in the game.

SEE RED builds on the work by the club under the umbrella of its long-standing All Red All Equal anti-discrimination programme. It features a thought-provoking video which challenges United fans to think – ‘Without diversity, who would we be? What would the club’s history books say?’

It highlights Andy Cole’s title-clinching goal versus Tottenham in the Treble season, Jesse Lingard’s cup-winning screamer in 2016, and Marcus Rashford’s injury-time penalty in the comeback against PSG among great Manchester United moments which could not have happened without diversity and the immeasurable contribution of black and Asian players to the club’s history.

Without diversity, who would we be? Video

Without diversity, who would we be?

What would our history books say without these priceless contributions?

The campaign also encourages fans to take responsibility for reporting incidents of racism or other hate crimes, to speak out and to stand up for those who may be on the receiving end of discriminatory abuse.

Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director, said: “We are proud that players of all ethnicities, religions and nationalities have pulled on the Manchester United jersey over the years. We challenge our fans, and indeed fans of every club, to watch this and think about their own favourite memories, their top teams and their most celebrated players. How different would those memories be without the diversity of some of the best players in the world who have graced our game and our club?

“Sadly, footballers across the country continue to receive abuse online, seemingly without fear of censure. United has been, and always will be, a club for all. We do not believe real fans are racist and today, we call on those fans to join us in the battle against discrimination.”

Other United heroes past and present featured in the SEE RED video include Dwight Yorke, Rio Ferdinand, Ji-sung Park and Lauren James.

Arnold underlined the need for this campaign to be go beyond raising awareness, it must be about action: “It is not good enough for us all to sit silently on the sidelines when we see or read racist remarks or behaviour. Inaction has a consequence. We must call it out. We must not tolerate it. If you see it or read it – report it.”

Manchester United has set up a new online reporting system for fans to use. A new user-friendly reporting form, available via, can be used to report any instances online. The club will work with the Premier League to escalate any complaints received to the social media platforms and the relevant authorities and calls on the social platforms to act with urgent and tough action against online racists.

As well as the campaign film and extensive online activity, to mark the launch of SEE RED, the giant seat wraps in the lower tiers at Old Trafford have also been replaced ahead of the match against Brighton. The new design will refresh the look of the stadium for the remaining games taking place behind closed doors while ensuring that the anti-discrimination message is crystal clear for those watching around the world.

This call to action, is the latest instalment of United’s long-standing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Arnold concluded: “All Red All Equal is a promise which we take seriously. We are proud of the rich diversity of our players and our fans. This club is open for all and we count on the support of our fans to keep it that way.”

Fans can engage with the SEE RED initiative on social media using #SeeRed. Instances of racist abuse on any social media platform can be reported via