United Direct: Last-chance gift ideas

Friday 18 December 2020 08:32

Guys, don’t panic. If you’re just starting your shopping now, then maybe panic a little, but if you’re just after some stocking fillers for the big day, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s like the Last Chance Saloon, but with fairy lights, tinsel, and good gifts!

Here are a selection of ideas under £30 to fill their stocking (metaphorically, because fitting a full-size football in a stocking would be a challenge…), or check out our Gift Finder at manutd.com/giftfinder if you're looking for the perfect gift.

Manchester United Dark Grey Watch

If their only measurement of time this year has been based on whether daytime TV has been on yet or not, maybe it’s time to add a watch to their Christmas stocking. No excuses now for being late for socially distanced activities in the New Year!

Does it fit in a stocking? Absolutely, yes!

Available now at United Direct.

Manchester United Fashion Back Pack

Remember the days of getting a new backpack and being excited to walk into school with it on the first day back to show it off? Bring that joy to the Red in your life with this Manchester United backpack, you could even swap it for the stocking and fill it with treats (chocolate is always a great choice!)

Available now at United Direct.


Manchester United Colour Crest Football - Red - Size 5

Looking for a foolproof gift? A gift where you can’t go wrong on size or age? Look no further, a football is a guaranteed hit! From a kickabout in the garden to 5-a-side in the park, to keepie uppies inthe living room on Christmas morning, it’s a gift that doesn’t go out of style, and one that will keep them entertained all year round.

You might have trouble stuffing this into a stocking, but you get the idea. Maybe one of those giant Santa sacks might be a better option...

Available now at United Direct.

Manchester United Clear Pencil Case Stationery Set

Help the little Red in your life to up their stationery game in 2021 and show their true colours in the classroom with a Manchester United pencil case filled with stationery. Whether they’re being home schooled AGAIN or in real school, this set will set them up to learn and hopefully be cool enough that it doesn’t all get lost again before the end of January like the stationery supplies you bought in September… either way, it definitely counts as a stocking filler.

Available now at United Direct.

Manchester United Brxlz Block Keyring

Our final stocking filler (which will definitely fit in a stocking, we checked) is perfect for the Red that has everything. This quirky keyring will help them locate their keys when they’re scrambling in their pocket among the face mask, mini hand sanitiser and other now standard pocket paraphernalia.

Available now at United Direct.