Daniel James

United Direct: Your working-from-home essentials

Friday 13 November 2020 18:30

Have you had a lockdown birthday yet?

They definitely aren’t as exciting as birthdays back in the day and drinks in your front room are less fun than drinks with friends, but we’d still like to wish our very own Dan James the happiest of lockdown birthdays as he turned 23 this week.

While you can’t paint the town red, you could still upgrade your working-from-home (WFH) wardrobe with a cool new Adidas legacy jacket, expertly modelled by the birthday boy himself.

It's available now, up to 2XL, at United Direct.


When you’re WFH, the office dress code might have gone out of the window (how do you even tie a tie?), but there’s no need for casual Fridays to fall by the wayside! It's the one day of the week when you can really go hard or go home, and since you’re already at home, you might as well go hard.

What better way to go hard on casual Fridays than the dressing gown of dreams? Cosy? Check. United? Check. Easy to slip off if you get an unexpected video call? Check.

Available now at United Direct.


If you’re all hoodied out and want something a little different for the long commute from the kitchen to the bedroom/office, Axel Tuanzebe has the perfect solution. Stylish and understated, the 1968 European Cup shirt harks back to one of the greatest days in our history, with a retro vibe that will impress your colleagues (or dog if they’re the only living creature you’ll see today).

Available now at United Direct.


There may not be much to get overly excited about right now with holidays cancelled and gatherings that sound any fun at all completely banned, but at least you can look cool, if only for the postman dropping off bills and junk mail.

Wear your heart on your sleeve, or at least your club, with this long sleeved crewneck with ribbed cuffs. Available now at United Direct.


While we’re all settling back in to Lockdown 2.0, upgrade your hoodie with this super cosy French terry version, expertly modelled here by Luke Shaw. If it all gets a bit much, you can always pull the drawcord adjustable hood and block out the real world while you await the day you can finally venture outside again.

Available now at United Direct.