Humanrace shirt on a mannequin at the Manchester United Megastore

United Direct: The latest must-have merch

Thursday 29 October 2020 17:07

What do you get if you take one of our most iconic kits of all time from a defining moment and remix with the creative mind of Pharell Williams?

It’s not a riddle, it’s a whole new spin on a Manchester United kit, and a pretty cool one at that. The brand new HumanRace range takes inspiration from the early '90s shirt made famous by the likes of Lee Sharpe - check out his hat-trick against Arsenal - but has an updated vibe.

The new range features the reimagined shirt, track jacket and pants, and a brand new take on the Predator 20.1. As well as looking cool, the new range is made from recycled materials, so you can look good and do good for the planet at the same time. That's got be a win-win!

See the full HumanRace range now at United Direct.


Still writing meeting notes and quiz answers in a spiral-bound reporter's pad?

Without the office stationery supply cupboard on hand to provide countless dry highlighter pens (who puts them back?!), randomly sized staples (why are there always so many?) and of course those standard-issue boring notebooks, it might be time to take matters into your own hands and get a paper product that shows your true colours. Paul Smith has your back, with the kind of paper products that are guaranteed* to make your writing at least 37 per cent neater on the first few pages.
Don’t forget to upgrade your laptop case too. Let’s face it, that laptop has been a constant companion through countless quizzes and Zoom meetings, so treat it to a new Paul Smith case to keep it safe at the end of the day when you turn your office back into your bedroom/dining room table/random area under the stairs.

See the full Paul Smith range now at United Direct.

*Actually not guaranteed but remember at school when you’d write really neat on the first page? Yeah, like that.


Sometimes it’s great to get nostalgic and reminisce about the good old days, like the first time you ever wore a United shirt, your first visit to Old Trafford, or that time you were allowed to see seven friends in a public place.

Take a trip down memory lane with this classic three-stripe crew neck t-shirt, expertly modelled by Juan Mata. Just because the only person you’re going to see in real life all week is the postman, does that mean you shouldn’t look your best?

The t-shirt is available now from United Direct.


It feels like autumn has well and truly landed this week, and it’s got us reaching for the heating controls!

While many of us have been living in loungewear for the last six months, now’s the time to raise your game with the Legacy Hoodie.
No more popping down to the supermarket in your pj's!

The full zip Legacy Hoodie is available exclusively at United Direct now.