UTD Podcast: De Gea's United awakening

Tuesday 13 December 2022 14:00

David De Gea has opened up on the moment he realised just how much attention he was under, simply by being a Manchester United footballer.

The 32-year-old provided in-depth detail on his time at the club during the latest UTD Podcast episode, and was quick to clear up an incident that was widely reported during his early days in Manchester, regarding a misunderstanding over purchasing some doughnuts at a local supermarket.

Insisting that attention from the media is always something you have to deal with, De Gea provided insight into his key moment of appreciating the sheer stature of the club, as even the most trivial of stories can be seen as newsworthy.

"I went with one friend to buy something, to the market, and we saw some doughnuts," he recounted. "We took the doughnuts and ate the doughnuts, and as we go to pay, I forget my wallet is in my car.

"So, I say let’s go to take the wallet from the car and we come back to pay for the things. I tried to get out of the market and there was a security guy there, my English was zero so I was trying to explain to the security guard to let me go to my car and take the money but he didn’t understand and I didn’t understand what he was saying, to be honest. The next day, it was everywhere in the world!" 

Watch De Gea’s UTD Podcast in full Video

Watch De Gea’s UTD Podcast in full

UTD Podcast video | If you to prefer to watch David’s episode rather than listen, then here’s your opportunity…

''I was saying: 'What am I doing here?' They put things about doughnuts in the media around the world!'' David added on the UTD Podcast.

''I said: 'Come on, I cannot start my career here with this'. But that was just fine. The day after, I remember I was a bit scared, I said: 'Come on, the manager is going to say something to me'.

''So, the next morning, I came to the training ground, and he came with a box of doughnuts to give to me, so the manager was fine and happy as well. It was a funny thing.''

Having now racked up over 500 appearences for the club since his move from Atletico Madrid back in 2011, De Gea is recognised as one of the more senior players inside Erik ten Hag's dressing room.

With many of our Under-18 and Under-21 players often give the chance to train with the first team on a regular basis, the Spaniard insists he is quick to lend advice and help them along the way too during the infancy of their footballing careers.

De Gea is enjoying life under Ten Hag Video

De Gea is enjoying life under Ten Hag

In his UTD Podcast, David speaks positively about Erik ten Hag and the team's development this season...

''I think I have changed a lot since I came here,'' added David. ''I am more mature and I now feel like one of the most experienced players in the team. I can give leadership, responsibility and I have to show that as well.

''It is easy when things are in a good way and to be there, but when things are more difficult and things are a little bit tough, you have put your face there and be there for the fans, for the team, for everyone.

''I try to be an example and to train in a proper way for everyone to see you training that way. Give some advice to the young lads as well and keep playing well, this is the most important thing.''