Gordon Hill

Gordon Hill recalls transfer to United

Wednesday 12 August 2020 20:01

Former Manchester United winger Gordon Hill has been reminiscing about his move to Old Trafford in 1975 and revealed, in his eagerness to sign for the club, he actually forgot to ask how much we would be paid.

Speaking during the latest episode of UTD Podcast, the 66-year-old recounted how his deal was finalised on a visit to Old Trafford and his experience in the mid '70s certainly differs to what today's players encounter when switching clubs.

“I walked in and I knocked on the door and they went: ‘Come in, son’. Louis Edwards was there, TD (Tommy Docherty) was there, Jimmy Murphy was there, Frank Blunstone was there and I went, excuse my language, but I went: ‘Holy s***’.

“So I sat down and they went: ‘We’ve been watching you for some time son and we think you’re a fine fit to play at Manchester United, and we’d like to sign you’.”

Watch as Hill recalls the circumstances of his move to United in 1975.

In awe of the situation Hill, who had been plying his trade at Second Division Millwall since joining the Lions as a teenager, was more than keen to put pen to paper.

Gordon added: “Well you’re not going to turn round and say: ‘Nah, speak to my agent’. You’re not going to say: ‘Well how much you going to give me?’ and all this – you forget about that.

“So the first thing he [Tommy Docherty] went was: ‘We’ll give you a three-year deal,’ – so I said: ‘Okay, fine’.

“I just signed the contract without knowing any money.”

Before the meeting finished, Hill was told of arrangements for him stay at the Hotel Piccadilly, before watching the Reds play Manchester City that evening. The new recruit was also informed that he would be in the team for Saturday's game against Aston Villa.

“I got my suit, walking downstairs and I turned round and went" 'Oh no, I forgot something’.

“I walked back up, knocked on the door, went in – they’ve got a bottle of Champagne, Louis Edwards is sitting there with a big cigar, Tommy Docherty sitting there with a big cigar and they went: ‘We got him’.

“I said: ‘Excuse me for interrupting, I’ve signed the contract, haven’t I?’ and he went: ‘Yeah’.

“‘Can I ask you something?’

"He says: ‘What’s that?’, I said: ‘How much am I going to get a week?’ – I didn’t even know what I was going to get!

“Tommy Docherty went: ‘Don’t worry son, we’ll look after you – we’ll give you £125 a week’. “I went – I’m on 60 at Millwall – ‘Oh, I tell you what, that’s great!’ and I walked out and I went to the Piccadilly and they went: ‘Just put it all on room service’!" 

Hill went on to make over 100 league appearances for the Reds and helped the club lift the FA Cup and Charity Shield in 1977.

You can listen to Gordon's UTD Podcast episode in full now.

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