‘A day never goes by when I don’t think of them’

Tuesday 21 June 2022 07:00

On this week’s episode of the UTD Podcast, John Aston Jnr recalls sharing a room with Manchester United icon Sir Bobby Charlton, revealing what the England World Cup winner said to him about those who sadly died in the tragic Munich Air Disaster.

Aston was a member of the 1968 European Cup-winning United side who won the trophy 10 years after the tragedy, starring in the final victory over Benfica.

A decade on, the club was obviously still terribly affected by the disaster and there were emotional scenes at Wembley after the final whistle.

Aston reveals that, while Munich wasn’t talked about in the changing room, Sir Bobby opened up to him once, while the pair were sitting in their hotel room.

John Aston Jnr reveals what Bobby said to him in a 'profound' speech when the pair shared a hotel room together.

“[Munich] was never mentioned, as such,” said Aston. “I used to room with Bobby at times, and he never used to speak about it.

“One day, we were sat in the hotel room and, out of the blue, he said: ‘You know Jonny,’ and he was looking a bit ponderous. I said: 'What, Bob?’ and he said: 'A day never goes by when I don’t think of those lads.’

“I thought it sounded very profound.”

One of the Busby Babes who tragically lost his life following the 1958 Munich Air Disaster was Duncan Edwards.

Aston recalls what Charlton said to him about Edwards’s unique talent on a football field.

“There was an article about Duncan Edwards [in the newspaper],” Aston said. “So [Charlton] put the paper down and said: ‘He’s the only player that made me feel inadequate.’

“So that Duncan Edwards must have been some guy if he is making Bobby feel inadequate!”

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