Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on UTD Podcast

UTD Podcast: Ole on United's cultural reboot

Monday 23 December 2019 17:30

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the subject of a special feature-length episode of UTD Podcast, which is available to listen to now.

In the latest edition of our series, which you can download from our official music partner Deezer and all of your favourite podcast apps, the Manchester United boss and club legend talks about the ‘cultural reboot’ that is currently underway at Old Trafford.

He also attributes everything he’s learned in management to Sir Alex Ferguson, including a trust in youth and favouring attacking football.

“I hate losing so, sometimes, I can be a bit down but it is not for the lack of effort,” Ole told hosts Sam Homewood, David May and Helen Evans.

“I know the boys, they have great attitudes, the group is moving forward and the culture that is seen here now is miles better than towards the end of last season.

“It is natural to me to manage this way, but it all comes down to being moulded and learning all of my management skills from the gaffer [Sir Alex]. I love giving young players a chance and I love being direct, and going forward when the possibility is there. Yep, we need to be better with controlling and dominating games, but that will come with experience.

"We have the youngest team in the Premier League and, in one way, that is fantastic but, in another way, that comes with inconsistency.

“It is Man United's style to be attacking and we need to win the games in the way that Sir Alex's teams did, and the way the Busby Babes did. We want to win that way. It is not always going to happen but that is what we have to aim for and to strive for, to win in the right style. We have a responsibility and a duty to everyone who wants to come and watch us.”

Ole has said he’s also not averse to adopting a milder version of Sir Alex’s famous hairdryer treatment if he feels the players are deserving of a rebuke, which is a tactic he’s adopted both from his time at Molde and his experiences as a parent.

UTD Podcast: Ole recalls his appointment Video

UTD Podcast: Ole recalls his appointment

Solskjaer had always dreamed of managing the club and, as he explains on UTD Podcast, he jumped at the chance...

“I'm in charge of picking the team and we want Man United to become what they used to be,” Ole added.

“We want to win trophies again. If you don't pull your weight and sacrifice yourself when it's supposed to be done, if you don't give 100 per cent, we have a nice, quiet word.

“I can't change my ways and I'm the same with my kids. If they do their best, if they try, fine. If they blatantly make a decision to not do what we've agreed or [show a] lack of effort, then they need telling. It's the same values.”

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