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Victor Lindelof: Our away fans are always amazing

The 2017/18 season has been educational for Victor Lindelof, playing at a new club in Manchester United and experiencing English football for the first time. Yet the Swedish international has loved every minute and is looking forward to visiting another new stadium this evening, when the Reds face Brighton & Hove Albion.

We spoke to the summer signing ahead of kick-off…

First of all, how much did you enjoy your first Player of the Year awards at the club on Tuesday night?
“It was fun. It was fun to be there with the team to see how everything was, so yes it was good to be there. I think David De Gea was a deserving winning of the two main prizes. He is a fantastic goalkeeper, I’m very happy for him and I think it’s well deserved.” 

Nemanja Matic’s strike at Crystal Palace – was that a worthy winner for Goal of the Season?
“Yes, it was a very, very good strike. I don’t think he’s going to score any more goals like that. It was very good!” 

Victor Lindelof and his partner on the red carpet at the Player of the Year awards.
How fondly do you look back on your first season at United?
“It’s been a good season for me – my first season in England. It’s been very important for me to be here and adapt to it. It’s been a very good year and I am looking forward to next season. Hopefully I can improve some more and help the team.”

Do you feel your game has developed and you’ve grown as a person?
“Yes. I’ve felt good. My team here is very, very good and the coaches as well, so it’s a very good environment for me to be in to learn more and more every week, so I’m very happy to be here.”

We still have a few games left, including Brighton up next. What are your thoughts on them?
“It’s going to be a difficult game. They are playing at home, so we have to play good and step up our game to try to get the three points because that’s what we want and need. It’s going to be a tough game but hopefully we can perform good and get the three points.”

You were part of the defence which kept a clean sheet in the 1-0 league win over Brighton in November. It was a tight game – what are your memories of that match? 
“It was a tight game but in the end we got the three points. It was very good for us and I was just happy to be on the pitch to help the team to win. Keeping a clean sheet is always good for us.”
"The away support we get at every game is amazing," says Victor Lindelof.

This is Brighton’s first season in the Premier League. They have 37 points and are almost safe. How big an achievement would it be for them to remain in this division?
“Like you said, they have come up, it’s their first season in the Premier League and I think they have had an okay season if they stay up. It’s very important for them. They are very happy to be where they are at the moment and hopefully they can stay in the Premier League.” 

It’s a new place for our fans to go, down to Brighton, but I suppose all away trips have been a new the experience for you this season… 
“Yes, it’s always fun to go away and experience those kinds of games. The away support we get at every game is amazing. It’s always fun to go to the away games and play and see things.” 

Do you find when you go to the away games wearing the Manchester United badge that the home crowd are much more into the game because it is us?
“I think every team in the Premier League wants to beat Manchester United as we are one of the biggest clubs, so it’s normal.” 

Finally, how much would you love to lift silverware at Wembley in your first season here?
“I really hope that we can lift the FA Cup. It’s always important to win some trophies. At this club, we want to win trophies, so it’s very important for us. It would be a very good ending for my first season if we can get that trophy.”

MUTV's live coverage of Brighton v United begins at 18:00 BST, two hours ahead of kick off at the Amex Stadium.