Who has been Lindelof's most skilled opponent?

Wednesday 22 November 2023 08:01

There is little doubt that there was a spell when Eden Hazard was one of Manchester United's most respected opponents in the Premier League.

The Chelsea playmaker regularly posed problems for the Reds, to such an extent that Ander Herrera was deployed in an efficient man-marking job on the Belgium international for one game, in 2017, with Jose Mourinho attempting to nullify his threat.

Hazard played 19 times in total against United during his career, finishing on the winning side eight times and scoring five goals.

Lindelof: My Perfect Player


Victor chooses attributes from his United team-mates and also former players.

Victor Lindelof is certainly an admirer of the skills possessed by somebody who was on the Reds' radar when showcasing his talents at Lille.

Hazard would also go on to represent Real Madrid and our Sweden defender was clear on how big a handful he was to play against, when answering questions on his 'Perfect Player' for our regular feature, selecting somebody who best represented a certain attribute.

"Skills? I think when you are talking about technique and everything, I think Eden Hazard is one of the best I ever played against," Victor told us.

"I mean, when he was on top of his game, the things he did with the ball, the way he moved the ball, twisting and turning. I think he was unbelievable.

"That, for me, is skills as well, so I would probably say him."

Hazard, although only 32, announced his retirement from the game recently but left his mark on the Premier League.

In a couple of the other fields, Lindelof chose former Italy internationals who earned his respect during their glittering careers.

The Sweden captain admired Andrea Pirlo for his right foot and selected another former AC Milan man, Paolo Maldini, as the best tackler he has ever seen.

"I am a big fan of Andrea Pirlo," he said. "I like the way he played the game."