Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Wan-Bissaka hopes to mark century in style

Tuesday 25 May 2021 09:33

Set to conclude his second season at Manchester United with his first final in professional football, Aaron Wan-Bissaka has discussed his progression throughout the campaign and paid tribute to the motivating influence of Luke Shaw.

The 23-year-old has been a regular for United, playing in 53 of our 60 games thus far. Should he feature on Wednesday night, it'll be his 100th appearance for the club, an achievement reached in well under two years.

"I always push myself until I can't," Aaron told us ahead of the final in Gdansk.

"I can feel it in myself, the confidence and excitement when every game comes up. You want to play, you can’t wait for the game get started."

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Wan-Bissaka's fitness record is an excellent one and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has regularly drawn attention to the improvements in his game since joining the club.

“Every game, every step, that’s how I take it, to improve and push myself throughout," the defender explained.

Aaron's fellow full-back Luke Shaw was recently named Players' Player of the Year - Wan-Bissaka won a similar award in his debut season at old club Crystal Palace - and he says Shaw's impressive performances are pushing him on to do better.

"Luke has been the stand-out for me," the Croydon-born defender said.

"His performances push me to compete with him, to get the best out of all of us.

“He’s been positive throughout, making the most out of every game. He’s not taken his foot off the pedal, he’s kept going, pushed himself until the whistle goes. That’s good. He helps the team as well.”

Aaron and Luke have been two of the first names on the teamsheet all season.

A player's first trophy in football is a memorable moment. The cliché goes that the first spurs you on to achieve more and more. Wan-Bissaka and fellow full-back Brandon Williams certainly buy into that.

"I think the boys have missed that feeling," Wan-Bissaka admitted.

"It will just push you even more to get another one. That's why I came to this club, to win a trophy. The chance is there for us to do that.

"It's my first final in professional football so it means a lot."

Local lad Brandon Williams is hoping for a night to remember.

Williams, meanwhile, spoke about fulfilling his childhood dreams, having grown up in the club's Academy.

"It's what you dream about, lifting a trophy for the club you've loved for as long as you can be remember," he said.

"To do it for me, and my family, will make them really proud. It will be a special moment and thankfully we can get fans back in and a few family members over there as well, so to do it in front of them which is what matters most to me.

“Then it’s about getting that momentum and carrying that into next season."