Who does Rooney consider his best-ever team-mate?

Thursday 26 November 2020 10:00

During Wayne Rooney’s illustrious playing career, the former Manchester United skipper has lined up alongside some esteemed company.

Think Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, Paul Pogba, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But, when Wayne was asked during the most recent episode of UTD Podcast who the best team-mate he ever played with was, our record scorer didn't select any of that quartet.

And we know what you're thinking. He didn't pick Cristiano Ronaldo, either...

“Scholesy [Paul Scholes],” the now Derby County man responded immediately. “Obviously, [Cristiano] Ronaldo who has gone on to be… him and [Lionel] Messi are probably the two best players to ever play the game, but I think at the time Scholesy was brilliant with the things he could do with the ball.

“He obviously wasn’t the quickest but he was so sharp; you couldn’t get near him. I remember knowing in the back end of my career that I was going to go into midfield. I remember studying him in training and games. It was brilliant for me first-hand to watch him and learn from him.”

The pair played alongside each other 242 times for club and country, and enjoyed a superb on-the-field partnership.
Yet, when asked if that relationship was “telepathic”, it was another former team-mate who Wayne claimed he had an unspoken understanding with on the pitch.

“I’d say probably more with Giggsy [Ryan Giggs] I had that,” he said. “I think Giggsy would give the ball away quite a bit, but it was always trying to play us in. I loved that. I don’t mind players giving away the ball if they’re trying things.

“It was more with Giggsy that I had that. I knew when Giggsy got it and turned I could make runs and try it.

“Scholesy was more about controlling the game. He was brilliant at things that probably the fans won’t see - he’s letting players come onto him, drawing them out of the game. The small things he did for the team were priceless.”

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