We Are United: Style it your way

Thursday 01 April 2021 20:32

Fancy treating yourself to some United gear but not sure you can pull it off? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Or, more specifically, our incredible fans have got you covered.

We’ve been blown away by some of the posts we’ve been tagged in on our @weareunited Instagram channel - so much so that we’ve honestly struggled to pick a few to showcase here. We are seriously impressed and can confidently boast that we have the coolest fans around.

How cool does Luis look with his dogs?

Let’s start with Luis Antonio Martínez Couto, above. As well as being incredibly cool with some adorable doggos, Luis is the VP of our Mexican Supporters’ Club and is seriously smashing the away shirt here. It was a tough call to choose between this shot and the top one of Luis in the third kit, but the puppies swung it for us. Get your away kit at United Direct and show us your best pose, with bonus points for a cute pet.

There’s no denying the third kit has been huge this season. Dancu is rocking it here and showing exactly why it’s set to go down in history as one of our most iconic kits. Style it like Dancu with some fresh white kicks and make all the right kind of statements this summer. Channel your inner Dancu and get yours now.

Liking your style, Dancu!

If you’re feeling motivated to get your camera out and start throwing down some catalogue-worthy poses, but can’t remember what to do with your hands when the camera points to you (who can?!), you can’t go wrong with touching your hair, as proven here by Lookpat who is influencer-ready in the home kit. Check out Lookpat styling it out in Thailand, and get yours from United Direct to show us what you can do.

Strike a pose, Lookpat!

The most popular kit on our Instagram has, without a doubt, been the iconic third kit. Fans from around the world are absolutely smashing it and giving us all the heart eyes with the tagged posts, like Scrap Metal Poet from Kerala who gets extra bonus points for the sunbeam landing perfectly on the crest. Get yours now and find your nearest sunbeam, stat!

Scrap Metal Poet certainly has an eye for a snap.

What do you reckon? Think you can do better than this international group of A* fans?

From hats to kits and sunglasses to hoodies; curate your look and perfect your pose, and don’t forget to tag us @weareunited for a chance to be featured.