Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Solskjaer's must-read matchday interview

Saturday 09 February 2019 07:00

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sat down with club media ahead of Manchester United's trip to Fulham, and began by discussing his recent scouting mission to France to observe our upcoming Champions League opponents Paris Saint-Germain in action.

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First of all Ole, you went off to France after the Leicester win to look at our upcoming Champions League opponents Paris Saint-Germain - was that a useful experience?
“I think, every time you see a potential trip for a team you’re going to play against, it is always useful but you never get to see them three days before. So you have to plan 10 to 12 days ahead. Yeah, it was a good day. First of all, the biggest thing of that day was getting three points ourselves. We got there [to France] just to get your own view – TV and live are two different things."

There was a lot of talk on social media about the state of Mike Phelan’s hat…
“It’s a magic hat! [laughs] We definitely had a little laugh about that one. Yeah, I think I have to buy him another one."

We have a tough run of fixtures coming up. Do you relish that from a coaching point of view?
“You love that, absolutely love it, because of the games. You look forward to the next one. If you win a game, you definitely want the next one to come. If you don’t win, like the Burnley one, it’s like ‘come on, let’s have a game and get back on the winning track’. You always look forward in football. Nothing becomes history quicker than a game of football really."

It’s a cliché to take it one game at a time but will the PSG game impact on your plans for Fulham?
“You know that games like PSG, where it’s been built up for a couple of months now, and Liverpool and Chelsea, they look after themselves. It’s the games where the team is expected to win that reveal the character of the players. Can we focus on what is important and that is always the next game? Supporters can talk about other games and as coaches we have to think ahead, but the players should only focus on the next one.”

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