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Who do United players call 'The Wolf'?

Friday 12 November 2021 07:00

We all know that Manchester United's players have nicknames for each other and another from the training ground has been revealed.

During our most recent Fans' Q&A session, which will be published in full on Friday, Nemanja Matic was asked what his team-mates called him and his answer came with a sly grin.

You see, the Serbian is known as 'The Wolf' and he explained it is because, let's say, some of his colleagues feel he maybe employs underhand tactics in order to ensure he is usually on the winning side at Carrington.

Surely Nemanja Matic doesn't cheat in training?

Nemanja, who registered an assist in the 3-0 victory at Tottenham a fortnight ago with a precise through ball for Marcus Rashford to round off the scoring, was responding to a question sent in to us by Apeh K from Nigeria.

He was asked: 'All the lads seem to have special nicknames - do they have one for you?'

“Well, Apeh my nickname is 'The Wolf'," declared our experienced midfielder. "They call me 'The Wolf' but I don’t know why. You have to ask to them. They call me 'The Wolf', I don’t know, they said I always find a way to win in the training sessions.

“They say, basically, that I am cheating. I don’t know. Wolves never cheat!”


Look out for more from Nemanja in the full interview below, including thoughts on his relationship with fellow countryman Nemanja Vidic, the famous person he'd most like to meet and his toughest opponent...

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Fans' Q&A: Nemanja Matic tackles your questions

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