How Relentless Rashford gets his mind ready

Wednesday 26 May 2021 11:39

Marcus Rashford will be in a relaxed state of mind as he approaches the Europa League final with Villarreal in Gdansk.

Our no.10 has found that reading helps him prepare mentally for the task ahead and this will be the case again as he counts down the hours before the 20:00 BST kick-off.

It's a big game but far from the first of the 23-year-old's career and he will ensure he is in the zone in Poland.

Watch Marcus Rashford's excellent pre-match interview with UEFA.

“I prepare the same for every game," he told "I’m quite relaxed. I’ll probably be reading or maybe I’ll watch something. Just normal things that you do when you’re at home. Because you’re always travelling, you’re not really in your house much, you just find a way to make wherever you go home.

“Once I found out what was right for me in order to be in the right headspace for games, I’ve never changed it. I don’t think I’ll change it for the rest of my career.”

And, thanks to Rashford's insightful answers to one of our exclusive fans' Q&A interviews, which will run after the season is over, we know what the England international's favourite read actually is.

"My favourite book is called Relentless and it's more just for the mental side of things," he revealed. "I felt, when I read that book, it helped me to mature a lot and, in terms of sports, it made me a little bit more solid in my mentality.

“I like to read, to be honest, in my spare time, whether it’s just a few pages or 20 pages, I just get a little bit of reading in as it’s good for my mind."

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Relentless, which is an apt word to describe United's schedule in 2020/21, is written by Tim Grover. It is subtitled 'From Good to Great to Unstoppable' and Grover explains: "That's what this book is about. You don't wait to be told, you don't waver from your goal. When it's time to act, you act, instinctively and without hesitation. As you will read in these pages: Done. Next.

“In sports, being relentless is measurable by victories and trophies and championships and rings.

“In real life, being relentless is a state of mind that can give you the strength to achieve, to survive, to overcome, to be strong when others are not. It means craving the end result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant. Not just in sports, but in everything you do.”

We all know about what Marcus has continued to achieve off the field throughout the season. Tonight, though, it is the victory and trophy that he is striving for, which will cap another successful campaign on the pitch for the homegrown talent. Only one Red has played more United games this term (Bruno Fernandes has 57 to Marcus's 56) and we're asking him for one last big effort against Villarreal.

Relentless Rashford can step up to the plate once more.

Get ready for the final: