Would Eriksen say he's a playmaker?

Saturday 01 October 2022 09:59

Christian Eriksen enjoyed a brilliant September on a personal level, winning our Player of the Month award and excelling for Denmark during the UEFA Nations League.

The midfielder has operated in different roles in the middle of the park and has been pulling the strings for club and country. It is testament to his footballing intelligence how quickly he has become integral to the way Manchester United are playing under Erik ten Hag.

Whether playing as no.6, no.8, no.10 or even false nine, Eriksen admits he is surprised by all the focus around the various roles but believes the growing connection with his colleagues, including Bruno Fernandes, enables the passing game to flow on a matchday.

Eriksen: Everything is more and more positive Video

Eriksen: Everything is more and more positive

Christian says the connection with his team-mates on the pitch is only getting stronger...

"Obviously, the more you play in one position, the more you get used to it," said the 30-year-old. "I’ve always been a player who has played in a lot of different positions so it’s not unusual for me to be around on the pitch. But, no, I mean you get confidence from playing, and if it goes well, then you get more confidence definitely and I feel good.

“I don’t know [about being a playmaker], I’m quite surprised about all the positional things. All the games, even when I was at Spurs, I started as a winger but would often drop down to get the ball, collect it and help the build-up back then so that hasn’t really changed in that sense. Obviously, you start on the pitch in different positions, then it’s how the team play and how the team wants to move, how the manager wants the team to move and then you move from there. I still feel I’m the same player like before maybe I’m a little bit further from the goal in some games but it’s not like I haven’t been there before.”

In terms of the relationship with Fernandes, the Portugal international spoke about his joy to play with the Dane, and their growing understanding, earlier this week, and it is clear the feeling is mutual. Such creative forces can certainly combine to open up defences as the season develops.

“Definitely and it doesn’t surprise me," Christian said of the combination working with Bruno. "I mean some people see us as very similar players but they probably only look at the stats and don’t see us, the player and the qualities. We have different qualities, a different style of play and, with Bruno and in general, I think I’m learning to get to know all my team-mates better.

“I also get to know how they run, how they want to have the ball, how they move around and how I move around the pitch for them. We’re starting to get that connection. With Bruno, it’s a good connection and it’s nice to have such a good footballer in front of me.”

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September's Player of the Month speaks about his fabulous form for United and Denmark.

A first Manchester derby on Sunday will hopefully provide Eriksen with another platform to show he is in peak form, although he understands the current champions, who are unbeaten this term, will provide a stern examination at the Etihad Stadium.

“Now it’s going to be a tough test," he said. "We’re feeling good and in a good place, really flowing and I’m looking forward to the game. It’s a first derby for me personally, in Manchester, and hopefully it’s going to be a fun game to play in and a fun game to watch.”