Zlatan Ibrahimovic speaks to Jose Mourinho in Los Angeles

Ibra has one regret about his United career

Wednesday 25 July 2018 12:00

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will always look back at his Manchester United spell with great fondness and has revealed his only regret was that he didn’t join us earlier in his illustrious career.

An idol to fans and an inspiration to his team-mates, the Swedish forward made headlines aplenty during his two years at Old Trafford, during which he scored 29 goals in 53 games and helped the Reds win the EFL Cup and Europa League.

But while his contribution and impact were undeniable, the 36-year-old was already in the twilight of his career when he arrived in Manchester and admits he wishes Reds fans could have seen him at the peak of his powers.

Zlatan joined LA Galaxy earlier this year and was happy to catch up with Jose Mourinho and his former team-mates at their UCLA training base on Monday, during Tour 2018, presented by Aon. 

Ibra: Something special will happen


Everyone is talking about Zlatan's message to supporters following his visit to training at UCLA.

Former Academy player Bojan Djordjic, now a pundit with MUTV, had the pleasure of chatting to his compatriot and Ibra provided some typically colourful replies during an entertaining interview, which you can watch in full below. 

“I feel sorry for the fans – if they'd seen me younger, they'd have seen a different lion,” he declared. “For the Premier League, it would have been dangerous, as I would have eaten them for breakfast; instead, I took them for lunch. But I came: they wanted me, I gave them me and I took over. Been there and done that.”

'You have gone up in weight!' Video

'You have gone up in weight!'

The banter was flying when Bojan Djordjic chatted to fellow Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic at our UCLA training base...

Ibra’s electrifying first campaign in 2016/17 was cut short by a serious knee injury and his last appearance came against Burnley in December, meaning Old Trafford never had the chance to give him a big send-off before he left for the States in March. But his love for the fans and United is undying.

“I would need more time to explain my feelings but let's start with a big thanks to everybody – what they did was amazing and I hope they are as happy as I am,” he continued. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says

"Everywhere I see red, I think about United. When I look back at my time there, I will do it with a smile."

“I gave as much as I could for as long as I could; when I got injured, I got support in a different way. They always stood behind me and my team-mates. 

“They are special: everywhere I see red, I think about United. It will remain in history and my career; when I look back at my time with United, I will do it with a smile. I wish them all the best in the future.”