Cardholder FAQs

The way Manchester United cardholders receive their 10% discount at our online store, United Direct, has changed. Please see below for more information.

Where can I use my 10% discount?

Your 10% discount can be used at United Direct, the Official Online Megastore of Manchester United.

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Where do I apply my discount code?

Once at the basket page you will see a box in the top right-hand side that says: ‘Have A Coupon?’. Simply add your code here and your discount will be applied.

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What is my code?

Your personal discount code will be ‘MUFC’ followed by the first six digits of your Manchester United card.

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Can I get discount off reduced items?

The 10% cardholder discount cannot be applied to items that are already reduced on the United Direct store.

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Will I receive 10% off my shipping?

The discount is only applied to the products in your basket and not shipping cost.

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Is there a limit on how many times I can use my code?

No, you can enjoy your 10% off the United Direct store throughout the whole season.

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Will I be able to use more than one code at a time?

No, only one discount code can be used when placing an order.

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What should I do if I have issues with my cardholder discount?

If you are having issues with your cardholder discount please either contact your bank, email United Direct customer service via customer.services@store.manutd.com, or use the United Direct live chat service.

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