Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation

Find A Better Way

Official Charity Partner of Manchester United

Sir Bobby Charlton with Find A Better Way shirt.

Find A Better Way was founded in 2011 by England and Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton. While visiting a minefield in Cambodia, Sir Bobby saw first-hand the humanitarian damage which landmines cause in war torn areas both past and present.

Sir Bobby Charlton's visit to Cambodia moved him to set up Find A Better Way as he felt that, with modern technological advances, there had to be a more efficient way of negating the effects of mines and improving safety and security for local communities whose lives are blighted by them.

With a significant amount of funding already committed to a portfolio of nine research projects at leading UK universities, Find A Better Way acts as a major funding body for vital, groundbreaking technological research into improving the tools available for the safe removal of landmines and explosive remnants of war. Find A Better Way are committed to cultivating the necessary cross-disciplinary collaboration necessary to find innovative, technology-led solutions, which will ultimately save countless lives.

Recognising the need to mitigate the impact of landmines on the lives of communities already affected, Find A Better Way also commits significant funding to partners to undertake risk reduction education programmes using innovative pictorial techniques. In addition to these vital research and education programmes, Find a Better Way provides much-needed humanitarian assistance in landmine afflicted areas. Still underlined by our firm belief in the power of cutting-edge technological developments, we work to develop affordable prostheses and to train a cohort of trauma surgeons in state-of-the-art amputation techniques.