Eurobank’s values include unwavering support for the Serbian community and this commitment has been underlined with the bank’s response to COVID-19 outbreak, from the outset of the pandemic.

Key examples of their COVID response to date are outlined below:

  • In the early days of the pandemic, Eurobank donated RSD6 million for the purchase of vital medical equipment in partnership with UNICEF, helping to save lives and support the Serbian healthcare system. Find out more.
  • Throughout the pandemic, Eurobank has shown continued support for the most vulnerable in society. As an example, the sellers of “LICEULICE” street magazine (typically members of marginalised groups) faced a complete halt in sales due to the COVID-19 outbreak, resulting in significant impact to their incomes. Eurobank stepped in to purchase a portion of the magazine circulation and thus provide support and solidarity when it was most needed. In addition, the bank donated protective equipment and sanitisers to the Local Autism Association in the town of Valjevo.
  • Towards the end of July, Eurobank provided RSD1.2 million to procure oxygen flow metres for healthcare institutions in Serbia. When announcing the donation, Slavica Pavlović, president of Eurobank’s Executive Board, struck a chord regarding the need for Serbians to come together at this time: “Our country is in the midst of an adverse health situation and we believe that it is an obligation of the whole society, especially of socially responsible companies, to express their solidarity and provide assistance to the healthcare system,” he said. “By donating funds for procuring oxygen flow metres, the equipment necessary for oxygen therapy for virtually all hospitalised patients, we wish to contribute to even better conditions for treating our citizens infected with coronavirus.” Find out more.