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Melitta, Manchester United’s Official Coffee Partner, have provided support to those most at need during the coronavirus pandemic, with a number of charitable causes and initiatives:

Donations provided by the Melitta Group

  • As a family business with strong values, it is very important to Melitta to make a contribution to society. With dedication and commitment, Melitta have succeeded in producing a face mask shaped like a coffee filter, within a very short time period, by converting parts of their production. More than one million of these masks have been donated to various institutions. For example, 90,000 masks have been donated to the hospitals “Mühlenkreiskliniken” in the Minden-Lübbecke region. Through a collaboration with the company’s health insurance fund, a further 180,000 masks have been sent to carers who look after relatives at home. Melitta have also provided face masks to all current and former employees (company pensioners) as well as to various institutions in the B2B sector. In addition, various business units in the Melitta Group have contributed to in different ways. A number of institutions (i.e. charitable organisations) have received donations of coffee - 40,000 wkup shots have been sent to people from selected professions throughout Germany. Meanwhile, in Glasgow, a hospital received a donation of Bacofoil SafeLoc bags to store masks safely and cleanly. In addition, Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions has supported the gastronomy with the service of an online voucher platform.