Bag Restrictions & Prohibited Items

Manchester United takes the safety of our supporters extremely seriously. Working in partnership with key stakeholders including Greater Manchester Police, we constantly review our safety and security procedures to help ensure the safety of all supporters, visitors and staff at Old Trafford.


Since the start of the 17/18 season, we have enhanced our searches of supporters at the turnstiles. This means that the searches may take longer and as a result it is likely that queues will also be longer however we do all we can to keep things moving. We have also restricted the size of bags allowed.

Because of the above changes, we recommend the following so that you are able to get into the stadium before kick-off:

- Arrive at Old Trafford and get to your turnstile at least an hour before the start of the match (turnstiles will still open 2 hours before kick-off)
- Do not bring a bag larger than 20cm x 15cm x 5cm (8” x 6” x 2”) with you to the match; this equates to a small handbag. 

Full information on Safety Procedures can be found here 


All bags will be searched and items larger than the size criteria must be left at one of the ‘Bag Drop’ facilities (see map below), which are located in E2 car park (including one specifically for away supporters), N2 car park, the back of W2 car park and one by the Manchester United Foundation building on Sir Matt Busby Way.

There is a £5 charge to leave an item with us in a ‘Bag Drop’, with all profits going to Manchester United Foundation to support their work using football to engage and inspire young people across Greater Manchester to create a better life for themselves and the communities in which they live.

Bringing a bag will further delay your entry to the stadium (and will delay your departure after the game if you have to use a ‘Bag Drop’) and we therefore encourage you not to bring any bags or prohibited items to the stadium (if you have to bring a bag, we recommend you arrive at least 2 hours before kick-off). Please do not be alarmed by the extra security measures - they are to ensure your time at Old Trafford is as safe as possible.

Bag Drop FAQ's

Can restricted items be left at the 'Bag Drop'?

Restricted items can be left at the Bag Drop with the exception of fireworks and illegal items which will be confiscated.

Will the 'Bag Drop' be secure?

The Bag Drop will be staffed at all times, however items are left at the owner’s risk. You will be issued with a numbered ticket and only able to collect the item which corresponds with the number on your ticket.

Will bags be searched?

Yes. A full search of all small bags will be conducted along with physical and visual searches of everyone entering the stadium.

What if I lose my Bag Drop ticket?

If you lose your ticket you will be asked for details to ensure your bag is returned to you once everyone else has collected their bags.

Do cameras and laptops etc. need to be presented outside of bags at the Bag Drop (i.e. like airport checks)?

Your items will be fully inspected at the Bag Drop facility when you arrive. It may be necessary for them to be removed from their bags if you are directed to do so by a member of staff.

What if I’m late into the game as a result of Bag Drop and search queues?

We’re advising everyone who needs to use the Bag Drop to arrive 2 hours before kick-off so that everyone has a chance to get inside the stadium in good time for kick-off. If you do miss kick-off you will not be refunded for your match ticket

What are the opening and closing times for the Bag Drop facilities?

Bag Drop facilities will be open from an hour prior to hospitality gates opening (i.e. 4 hours before kick-off), to up to two and a half hours after the final whistle.


Prohibited Items 

What CAN I bring into the Stadium?

- Small compact cameras, which must be able to fit in a pocket
- Small fold up umbrellas
- Small bottles of hand gel
- Small clutch bags with dimensions or: 8 x 6 x 2 inches, or A5 or smaller
- Non offensive flags or banners 2m x 1m or less. They must not include sticks or poles and must meet fire regulations
- Clear plastic bottles of water 500ml or less, with the top removed
- Megastore purchases in Megastore carrier bags
- Crutches and walking aids. In order for us to ensure that your visit is as safe and smooth as possible, and your seats are suitable for your needs, please email prior to attending the game


What CAN’T I bring into the Stadium?

- Smoke or gas canisters
- Water in excess of 500ml
- Dark plastic bottles and/or dark liquid
- Baby buggies or prams
- Air horns
- Solid containers or flasks
- Poles or sticks
- Fireworks or flares
- Large bags or suitcases
- Umbrellas (except small fold up umbrellas)
- Flags or banners larger than 2m x 1m or of an offensive nature
- Knives or weapons
- Drinking glasses
- Drink cartons
- Alcohol
- Glass bottles
- Canned drinks
- Laptops
- Computer Tablets
- Large bodied cameras
- Tools
- Video recording equipment

Please note: Old Trafford is a no smoking stadium, this includes the use of electronic cigarettes

Entry to the Stadium will be refused with any other articles deemed dangerous, hazardous or that compromise public health and safety.

If you have any questions before your visit, please contact or telephone +44 (0)161 676 7770.