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Fans Forum

United fans at Old Trafford.

Fans' Forum

The Fans’ Forum offers an opportunity to discuss issues relevant to match-going fans.

Along with representatives from MUDSA and other outside Fans’ Groups, there are 13 fans from groups that reflect the mix of supporters who attend matches and meet with senior Club officials. They represent Season Ticket holders, members of the Official Membership scheme, MUSC, Executive Club members, the Family Stand, 16-21 and over 65 year old fans, and a local resident fan.

Supporters can send in questions to be raised at the Forum up to 3 weeks before a meeting takes place. Each representative has an email address you can contact them on to discuss issues or raises questions.

The Forums for season 2018/19 will take place on Friday 21 September 2018Monday 26 November 2018, Friday 1 March 2019 and Friday 10 May 2019.