Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Wan Bissaka's diary: How I'm managing the break

Tuesday 31 March 2020 15:00

Hi everyone. This is my first diary piece, just so you can get an idea of what the situation is like for United players in the current lockdown.

It’s not a common situation that we’re in and I hope it doesn’t last for too long, but hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing a bit about how we’re spending our days.

So, I’m up in Manchester, just me, my brother and my sister and it’s been important for me to find a routine. After being quite bored at times last week, I’ve developed a routine and I’m sticking to it, so right now I’d say things are going alright. Each day I’ll start off with the gym downstairs, where I do a bike session. I’ll chill throughout the day, have a kickabout with my brother in the garden and in the evening I’ll do a gym session that the club’s coaching staff have set for me.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka says

"Literally every day the coaching staff are in touch to see how I’m going, see how I’m finding it, see that I feel fit enough. It’s not easy for them to look after the whole squad, but they’re doing a great job."

The club have been great in terms of keeping in contact with the players and ensuring everything is as normal as it can be in the circumstances. Our chef is dropping off food for us, so the food is left at a safe distance, we collect it and we fix it ourselves. Fitness-wise, I’ve enjoyed the programmes the club have given us. It’s given me things to do. It’s difficult to come up with all your own ideas to stay in shape, so those programmes have helped. Usually I might do a couple of sessions on my own twice a week, but it’s quite strange doing it on my own every single day. At the end of it you feel fitter and I’m glad that I’m going through it. Literally every day the coaching staff are in touch to see how I’m going, see how I’m finding it, see that I feel fit enough. It’s not easy for them to look after the whole squad, but they’re doing a great job of it and I know the players appreciate that.

Of course, all the lads are staying in touch too. In the group chat everyone is posting what they’re getting up to, so that’s been good to keep up with the latest from everyone. We’re all going through the situation together, even though we’re apart, and we’re learning how to turn the negative situation into a positive. We’re not just staying in and doing nothing at all. 

Some of the lads have been active on social media as a way of passing the time. It’s been good to see them on there. I have to say I enjoyed Jesse’s video where he puts the ball in the bin, that was nice to see. I’ve done one myself, kicking the ball in the car boot on my drive, so I hope you enjoyed that if you saw it on Instagram. I’ve had a fair bit of contact from United fans in my DMs, and I try to reply wherever I can because I appreciate the support and I know it means a lot to get a reply.

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In the evenings, after the gym session, it’s literally just Netflix or Playstation. One weird thing – and this isn’t like me at all – is that I’ve started reading a bit during the lockdown. To be honest, it started through boredom but it’s going alright – I’m reading Ian Wright’s autobiography at the moment. I bought it last year but I’ve gotten round to it now and I’m enjoying it. 

While a lot of people have free time at the moment, one group who don’t is obviously the NHS, and it was great to see the reaction they got around the country last week. Everyone in our house was outside clapping for the NHS, as was everyone up and down our road, and it’s nice to see because these people are heroes and you have to show some appreciation for what they’re doing.

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For now, my message to you all would be to just keep your head up. We all know it’s hard in this situation, it’s hard to live without football or any sort of sports, but we just need to stick together through this situation, follow the guidelines we’re being given and we’ll get through it together.



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