Exclusive: How Lingard & Pogba are staying active

Monday 30 March 2020 09:45

Manchester United team-mates Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba have revealed how they are staying healthy, both physically and mentally, during the ongoing break from football.

The postponement of all action was recently extended from 3 to 30 April in light of the coronavirus pandemic, following an announcement that was communicated by the FA, Premier League and EFL.  

United's players are all training individually at home, away from club facilities, with guidance from the club's coaches and medical staff. During an exclusive 'United Hangout' at the weekend, Lingard revealed how he has maintained his health and fitness in these unusual circumstances. 

“How have I been keeping busy? With a lot of gym work and then I've been on a few runs as well, as we are allowed out once a day for exercise,” said Lingard. “So I've been out for a few runs.

“And I've done a couple of challenges that I've been nominated to do on Instagram, but really I've just been trying to keep my mind active and have tried to stay busy.”
Watch Lingard and Pogba's United Hangout Video

Watch Lingard and Pogba's United Hangout

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Asked about his contact with team-mates, Lingard continued: “We have a WhatsApp group so we all keep in contact on that, with a couple of FaceTimes here and there. 

“Everyone is coping and everyone is just trying to stay fit and healthy, with the family, looking after each other, staying safe and sound.”

Speaking to the fans, Jesse said: “We've got to follow the government guidelines. We've got to stay indoors, wash our hands quite frequently and be safe. When football starts again, we'll be ready. We're training, we're working hard in our homes and in our gardens and we can't wait to get back.”
Pogba, who also took part in our ‘United Hangout’, happily admitted that his family life is keeping him busy during the break from football.

“I'm just being a dad, it is enough, it keeps me busy,” said the French midfielder. “I just run after my son and my wife has made the 'Stay at Home' challenge. You will see it online. I have been cooking, I am cooking, helping my wife and just being a normal dad I would say.”

In his own message to the fans, Paul said: “Stay safe, stay at home, stay connected. Keep supporting United and hopefully we will be back soon. We want to get back to the game and to winning trophies.”
Speaking in another ‘United Hangout’ earlier this month, Juan Mata provided his own insight into the work that he has been doing at home to maintain his physical condition.  

“We are coping okay,” said Mata. “We are obviously in the house, trying to stay fit, trying to train how we can, doing some exercise in the house and whoever has a garden, they are in the garden. 

“We are just trying to stay fit. We are being patient and calm, that is the only thing we can do now. We have to wait, we have to trust the experts and we have to wait until we can play football again.”
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United Hangout: Mata x Grant x Fletcher x Brown

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Lee Grant also stated the players are in regular communication with their coaches from the Aon Training Complex. “We have been in constant contact with the coaches and, of course, I have been in touch with the goalkeeping coaches,” explained the experienced stopper. 

“We have got our own special programme and, really, it just centres around doing as much as we can within the confines and the safety of our own houses. 

“Of course, we are utilising what equipment we have. So, we are really just doing what we can and trying to follow, as closely as we can, the programmes that the club have given us.”


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